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Wedding season is upon me!

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    Wedding season is upon me!

    Hi guys! Brand new to the website. Was referred to by a friend, and now I cannot get off this dappered. I have one black suit that I will be wearing to all these weddings, and my old dress shoes (square-toed) are old and beyond scuffed. What are some tips for weddings?

    (I want to look nice and fashionable, but I never want to be too overly loud where it feels like I'm trying to draw attention to myself, and trying to outshine the groom&bride)

    Simple beginner tips are much appreciated!

    Shirts, Ties, shoes, accessories, etc. Thanks guys!


    Fit above all else - even if your suit fits you well, consider posting pictures in the 'how does this fit?' thread or take it to a local tailor and ask for their opinion.

    Be aware that a lot of people frown on black suits (they don't look great on everyone) and consider them as funeral attire. That doesn't mean that you're out of luck, but it's something to keep aware of. Evening weddings will be more appropriate for black than earlier in the day.

    For shoes, black cap-toe balmorals if you can find an affordable pair.

    They look like this:

    Rather than this:

    The former is more formal (sorry) and even though most people won't notice, you might as well replace your worn out shoes with something that will be appropriate for important occasions like weddings, job interviews, etc.

    I am terrible with ties, but I suggest a typical 'wedding tie' in a pattern such as shepherd's check or glen plaid. You'll blend in.

    White shirt, medium spread collar for sure.



      When I read Black suit, I cringed. If you can afford to do so, I would get a different color suit. I think Black suits are best left for funeral directors and the MIB stars.

      If you are on a low budget, the JCrew Factory Suits in either Navy or Charcoal are a good bet, and they are on sale until today for $207 shipped using code LOVEIT. Either color will be a lot more versatile than a black suit.

      If you provide a budget for shoes, it will be easier to provide recommendations.



        Agree on black suits. A charcoal version is infinitely more versatile and far better looking.

        Are these weddings in the evening or daytime? Are you looking at getting all new shirts and ties or working with what you have?

        A simple black cap toe or wingtip is definitely the way to go shoe-wise.

        What's your budget? We'll definitely need more info if we're going to help!

        "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



          If you ARE going to wear a black suit (because you have one, and maybe it isn't reasonable / feasible to go get a new one), a subtle tie with some color may be a good (inexpensive) option. There are some ties on sale at BR right now:

,5521756,1&clink=5 521756#urlPageId=0&style=978837&size=86-1%3A|86-2%3A|20-1%3A|21-1%3A|87-1%3A|113-1%3A|30-1%3A|32-1%3A|43-1%3A|77-1%3A|77-2%3A

          If that link doesn't work, go to the sale section, and there are a bunch of silk ties marked down from $60 to $20 - $30, and there is an additional 30% off right now with code EQUINOXBR, ends today.

          Those plaids will add a bit of color without standing out too much.



            For ties, I can't recommend enough. Awesome quality to price ratio.

            "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



              Thank you guys all so much! I always thought the black suit was basic and versatile, shows you how much I have to learn! Most of these weddings are daytime events. I have some shirts, but am looking to revamp my wardrobe! Budget for shoes, I'd say around 150-200. I'll definitely look into the different color suits you guys suggested. Thanks so much!