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    bamboo (!) blazer

    Yesterday I thrifted a light brown herringbone Z Zegna blazer that looks like it has seen little wear. Looks and fits great (shouldn't need any tailoring), so I'm quite happy with the find.

    What's interesting about the blazer, however, is that the exterior is 100% bamboo fiber. I have zero experience with bamboo textiles and google turns up some useful basic info but next to nothing about specifically bamboo blazers. Even a search for "bamboo" on Zegna's website gets no results.

    So... anybody know anything about bamboo textiles? bamboo blazers? How will the fabric affect when and how I wear the blazer, etc.?

    My initial guess is that the bamboo makes the blazer lean a bit formal, because the fabric is quite soft, with a subtle sheen to it. (One google result compared bamboo fabric to silk, but this blazer is not nearly so shiny). I'll try to post some pics of the blazer if I have time this weekend.


    From a brief wikipedia, it seems that bamboo is one of the types of material that can be used to make Rayon. A quick search for Rayon blazers and... Voila!

    Is it similar to this maybe?



      Well, the lining of my blazer is rayon, but the tag identifies the exterior fabric as 100% bamboo fiber. I remember because even in the store the materials made me do a double take. I'll snap a pic of the tag, too, when I'm at home.

      My blazer also differs in that it doesn't have patch pockets (it has flapless ones) and no ticket pocket. Can't remember how mine is vented, but basically, it seems a totally different blazer.



        Oh well, just a thought. Maybe it is Bamboo linen? Is it really light? I must admit I am intrigued and can't wait to see your pics.



          Nice find! I'm hoping bamboo makes its way into clothing. They make great bedsheets. More breathable than cotton, anti-microbial, and sustainable to grow. Super soft, too. I have no idea about the durability, though.

          You can find socks and tee-shirts made from bamboo.



            Ok, dumb question... How do you post pics? Can't find instructions through the forum search function.



              Looks like there's a tiny bit of button pulling and the sleeves are a hair short. Not sure they're big enough deals to make it worth tailoring, though.

              It also seems that the flapless pockets make the blazer lean more formal (because more streamlined and sleek). I'm wearing an OCBD and jeans in these pics, both of which seem a touch too informal for the blazer, but I'd be curious to hear others' thoughts on the blazer's level of formality.

              Tag on the last pic says: "Fabric: 100% Bamboo Fibre. Lining: 100% Rayon." And please excuse my disastrous bedroom: I plead a one year old and a recent move.

              Coolest thing of all: the vents hadn't even been unstitched when I bought the blazer (and also when I took these pics), which makes it at least somewhat likely that the blazer was never even worn before.



                Thanks for posting pics! I don't think that the blazer is that formal, based on the patterned fabric and color. I'm also guessing, from what I've read, that this is more of a summer weight fabric. If so, it may suit a lighter shirt and chinos. Oxford cloth and denim are both pretty weighty fabrics.



                  Actually, I've read many criticisms of bamboo as a textile. It has to be chemically transformed into Rayon to be useful, a process that is very resource intensive.




                    Good call on the weight and color of the blazer determining formality and appropriate pairings, Chris. It is indeed a lighter weight fabric; perfect for the transition to fall, actually.

                    NC: Weird. So even if the label says "Bamboo" it's actually "Rayon"? At least I can say I was being eco-friendly by thrifting!



                      Somehow they can make bamboo into Rayon. Petroleum and organic fibers like bamboo or wood have a lot in common as polymerized carbon molecules.


                        Hello OP,
                        I stumbled upon your thread when searching for info about blazers/jackets made with bamboo.

                        That is a nice looking blazer you found yourself! Tell me, now that you have had a chance to wear it, how does it look after being worn a while? Is it wrinkle resistant? Or does it look like you've slept in it for the last two weeks?
                        Can you machine wash it, or does it have to be dry cleaned?

                        The reason I'm asking is, because I'm interested if bamboo can be a good substitute for polyester for a good casual, every-day blazer.
                        Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!


                          Bamboo is marketed as if it were another great natural fiber (it grows fast!), but all forms I've ever seen are simply bamboo-derived Rayon. Hardly a "natural fiber".

                          You'll get a similar fabric at a much lower cost if you just use polyester.

                          If you want a casual "every day" blazer, I strongly recommend something made of a sturdy cotton, like moleskin or corduroy. Linen / cotton blends are also nice.