And divided into VIP card and classic card, the VIP card has prepaid phone presented function. And city in silver when also declared that the dongguan pioneering id card. Short board each does things in his own way to make the brand effect day real estate company general manager HuangRunQi sincerely express, hongfor commercial circle each brand is in smaller do activities, basic is fragmented, and their respective make sales promotion, and therefore not only Moncler Jackets difficult forming brand effect, may exacerbate internal competition. Different nets feeling up network technology Co., LTD, the development of a consumption card mode into the dongguan catering market recently. Company officials said the high do, and set up a business alliance, any to join the alliance enterprise can freely to consumer sent CARDS, the consumption of the cumulative JiFenZhi, and point size, according Men Moncler Jackets to the different proportion of RMB to the consumer. This would put the enterprise to form the joint effort, promote consumer recycling consumption. Yan fu Co., general manager of the company WuRuiFang think, traditional way of business continuity is not fight, and the advantage of the model, is built alliance network marketing way, resources integration, consumers in different businesses because consumer can score points to now, so can encourage consumer spending, is expected to become Moncler the dongguan restaurant industry are the most effective way of resources integration.