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Shoes to wear with Jeans/sportcoat-blazer/no tie look?

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    Shoes to wear with Jeans/sportcoat-blazer/no tie look?

    I really want to start working sportcoats into my casual evening wear. I figure I'll try Jeans, shirt without a tie, and a blazer at some of the better bars in town.

    I'm undecided on what shoes to wear. I figure I could do some driving shoes, but that also seems a bit boring.

    A dressy boot seems like a possibilty.

    Now HERE is where I am really uncertain. While a dressy brown boot seems easy, I wear motorcycle boots pretty often, and I am wondering if I can work that casually. its sort of a thing with me. Don't get the wrong idea about this. I don't mean ridiculous harley logo stitched novelty biker boots. I mean a version of these:

    Frye harness boot

    (I ususally wear black ones with my jeans and t-shirts or polos)

    Understanding of course that once they are under a pair of jeans they actually become very understated, and you don't quite notice them. Still, I don't know if they quite make in into blazer/sportcoat territory.

    I am thinking theose boots in chocolate

    or vintage brown --->

    might work with a navy or lighter blue but I am still not sure. Vintage + blue jacket = interesting and fashionable or just ridiculous?


    Honestly, I am not a fan of either of those boots. They both look a bit clunky to me. But that is a personal opinion. Not sure exactly what your working with in terms of an outfit(read: colors, type of blazer / sportcoat, and jeans), i will make a very general comment.

    if you want to go for the i look better than every guy in here, but i am still very casual go with look #3 from Joes post the other day. , i would change the jacket to something a tweed blazer, and wear darker jeans...

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      I guess I can't comment on your boots specifically. Give it a shot, if it doesn't work you'll probably feel it. I wear medium brown well-worn Red Wing boots dressed up all the time in the fall and winter. That's about the only time I cuff my jeans as well. If you're wearing boots, wear them and show them. I tend to get complimented on those shoes the most. So it can work.

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        I would wear a pair of casual loafers, slip-ons or nice sneakers.



          It depends on where you live. I have the Fry Harness boots in dark brown gaucho. I wear them with jeans and a blazer all the time. It doesn't lend to as sophisticated a look as wingtips, but it can still look good. It's kind of like throwing on a leather jacket over a shirt and tie.

          Do you ride?

          Edit: Forgot to link this.

          Just... lose the hat.



            I do. That's where I first started wearing them. Then I just kind of took a liking to the look.



              I have a pair of brown motorcycle boots I wear all fall, and they work fine in that role. They have a more rounded toe than the ones you posted however. Keep them a little polished, and it'll work wonderfully.

              or you could get beeswax desert boots. or the old wingtips are reliable.

              so many options, so little cash



                Everything's event specific, so if you're going somewhere a bikers boot is appreciated, why not? I just saw a bridesmaid kick on some Keds at the reception and her confidence said, I know *you* don't do this, but *I* make it work. So there.

                I personally like Clarks Desert Boots for casual jeans/blazer, and Bass Weejuns for upscale evenings. Try burgundy Weejuns for extra flair.



                  I think we're all trying way too hard to answer this question. As long as the colors are neutral you can pretty much wear any shoe that you want. Personal preferences aside.