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When to use a Tailor?

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    When to use a Tailor?

    I just recently bought the Lands End Rugby that was featured in this month's under $75 selection. I really like the look and feel of the shirt, but I feel like it is too large. My sizes are roughly 15 1/2 neck, 42L chest/jacket, and 34-35 sleeve length. I am 6'4" and around 185 lbs, I am relatively skinny as you can probably tell.

    My question is, do I return the shirt, which is a large, and go grab a medium with hopes the sleeves aren't too short? Or do I take the large and get it tailored to fit?

    This is a common issue I have with most of my clothing since not everything can be found in "tall" sizes. Any tips or suggestions are greatly appreciated.



    Lands End has a pretty good return policy, so why not order the Medium and see how that works? You can always send one or both back if it doesn't work for you.

    As far as tailoring of the existing shirt - it all depends on where it's too large. If you just need to slim down the chest/waist and sleeves a bit to give you a good fit, that would work. Just find a good tailor and he should be able to pin you up with your shirt on and he can see what he can do.