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    You do have to forget to "Skip the month" in order to be charged, but I remember reading that message @Jared and thinking that was a ridiculous way to do business. I could think of no business case to defend this practice, other than "Let's try to catch people who forget or are to busy and FORCE them to buy stuff from us!"



      If you opt out for the month you're not charged. They have confusing wording on various parts of their site. My experience with F&O:

      Hunt Club:

      - Pick up to 3 items at the start of the month. They ship for free, they return for free, and you only pay for what you keep. When you initially order the crate they will pre-authorize the amount which may temporarily tie up some money on a debit card as a 'pending transaction' but will usually drop off after a few days.

      - If you don't see anything you want, opt out and you're not charged. Has to be done within the first couple days of the month.

      - If you miss the opt out window and don't choose a crate you will be charged $45, which will go on your account as store credit.

      Some other observations:

      - I was originally upset over the limited availability of blazers, along with others, until I actually got one. They are worth the $50 and not much more, IMO. I returned it and have never considered another.

      - If you wait till later in the month vs getting stuff in your crate, you can save substantial amounts with coupon codes. The thing that sucks about buying stuff outright vs getting it as part of your crate is that you only receive store credit.



        "but I remember reading that message @Jared and thinking that was a ridiculous way to do business. I could think of no business case to defend this practice, other than "Let's try to catch people who forget or are to busy and FORCE them to buy stuff from us!"

        Not to be contrite, but that's how every subscription service from Netflix to Hulu to magazines work. Most of the time they hit you with a free trial, get your credit card details, and say 'you can opt out at any time in 30 days, but after that we're charging you." And it's on you to opt-out or you get roped in.

        And yeah, they do that to get people who forget or aren't proactive enough, or possibly sitting on the fence about it. They didn't lie or deceive or hide what they're doing, they were pretty up front about it.

        That said, they really need to expand the depth of their inventory. I mean, come on. I have yet to buy anything from them because anything I'm interested in is always out of stock.



          I guess since I am on the internet everyday, I can overlook it. For someone that may not be as active as I am online, it may well be something you may forget to do.




            With Netflix and Hulu, they are very up front about it being a "1-Month Free Trial". After that, it's obviously a paid service with monthly fees.

            I don't expect clothing companies to charge my credit card for any reason other than me purchasing something. I don't expect that from ANY company that sells physical goods. This goes for Amazon or Best Buy or Macys or Nordstrom or countless other stores.

            It would be the equivalent of Best Buy telling you. "Ok, now that you bought that Carly Rae Jepsen CD and we have your credit card number on file, if you forget to come into the store and smack a geek squad guy across the face each month, we'll charge your credit card the price of a plasma TV ($700) as a store credit to use on future purchases."

            Don't get me wrong, Carly Rae Jepsen is amazing, but I'd go buy the CD somewhere else.



              I got stuck in a situation where I couldn't opt out last month. I know I'll eventually use the credit on something, so whatever.



                @VespaMatt Did you get clarification from them or have you had this personal experience? I guess I'm just concerned/confused now. I'm very proactive, so an opt out timeline would seem acceptable.

                It depends on how you read their FAQ page. Yes, they are being direct, but I read it as "If you opt out for the month, we'll charge you for a $45 credit to your account" instead of "If you opt out for the month after the cut off date, we'll charge you for a $45 credit to your account". Am I not reading it correctly? I'm happy to be wrong.



                  @VespaMatt Sorry - disregard. took me too long to respond.




                    It's only if you forget to opt out and don't request a crate. You do have time to opt out. It's not like you need to opt out within 10 minutes of receiving the email.



                      @bere09 I gotcha. It just doesn't say that on their FAQ. I am taking it literally (or figuratively? I always get those confused). I thought that's how you're supposed to read these things. Eh - consider the horse dead. Beatings will cease.



                        VespaMatt - Can you post those promo codes on here when you get them? I don't seem to receive these disscount codes and have about $200 worth of credit with them I need to use.

                        I got the email for todays blazers at 1:17pm. I checked my email at 1:23 and clicked on the link. I tried checking out at 1:30 and both of the blue blazers had already sold out in a 40R. I figured it couldn't hurt to try them since I had store credit, but no such luck. They have to be making 2 or 3 of each size for them to sell out that quick.

                        I think F&O charges a fair price for most of their stuff. It sucks that their shirts in an M fit me perfectly with the exception that the chest is too tight. If they added just 1 inch to the chest area, I'd be likely to buy much more from there.

                        I've tried several items from there and have had no issues returning them. The only problem is that it takes them about 2 weeks to process a return and even then it's only for store credit. That's kind of cruddy. Also, in addition the blazers, there are several other items that they must only have a few of each month. There was a tie clip that sold out in the 1st few hours of this months issue, as well as some scarves. They really need to make more items otherwise, it is a bit of a gimmicky site IMO. I'm probably done with them once I use up my store credit just because I'm sick of how fast they 'sell out' of some of these items. It's like they're trying to create a false demand for their products.



                          @Vicious - I am a little out of the loop so may have misspoke. Looks like, by going through my e-mail, they didn't issue any discount codes for the month of September. The last discount code in my box is from 8/25 good through 8/31 for 30% off. All through July, it was common for them to regularly issue 15-35% off codes towards the end of the month. I was getting shirts super cheap this way if I was willing to wait. Looks like they may have ended the deep discounting, though.

                          And yes, everything I posted is from my personal experience dealing with F&O.

                          Looking at the e-mails they sent when I was unable to opt out of the hunt club (no access to the internet): I got at least the initial hunt club e-mail at the beginning of the month and they also sent a 'You only have two days to pick or opt out!' e-mail. So there is plenty of warning.



                            I am fairly new to the style game, and was very excited about F&O. I have several shirts that fit me perfectly and ties that I really like. However, their buisness practices of late have me rethinking my patronage to them. I feel like they are being very sheisty, and not respecting the intelligence of their customers. They offered a corduroy blazer for $95, and at a special price of $50 for Hunt Club members. That's not a special price. You just hiked up the price past your single most defining motto and offered it at it's regular price. Now these $125 blazers. It's not that they've thrown out their $50 price point, it's how they've gone about it. Again, their cloths are great for the $50 and under price, and the fit is perfect for me. It's that they have made a very simple buisness plan overly complicated in what comes of as an attempt to confuse, manipulate, and deceive. At least that's how it is making me feel.



                              So far I haven't seen anything on their site that made me want to place an order. Their jackets all appear to be poorly cut (especially the shoulders) and designed for people who don't really know how one should fit.

                              The shirts look OK, but for $45 you can do a lot better.

                              The $125 jackets all look like something you'd find at a jos a bank or in the 'mens suits' section at sears.