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matching at a wedding?

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    matching at a wedding?

    I have a wedding in a month that my girlfriend and I are attending for a college friend. I am wearing a grey suit and a white shirt. My question to the forum is, is it tacky to match her dress color with my tie, pocket square, socks? I don't want to over do it. I would love to hear your thoughts on what is too much matching and what is acceptable. Thanks in advance.


    For couples, regardless of the situation, I feel like complementing each other is typically better than straight-up matching.

    It's not too bad if one element of your outfit, i.e. your tie, matches your gf's dress. But it's probably overkill for ALL your accessories to match. I find it a little odd when a person's pocket square and tie are all the same color anyway, much less PS, tie, AND socks all together. That's just my $.02.




      If her dress is a really bright color, match it with your PS, but not anything else. If its more of a subdued color, you can match with the tie and it won't be overwhelming.

      As BenR said, compliment, but don't make it look like you guys are going to a halloween party.



        My ex at the time had a burgundy dress, I found a tie that matched. Looked quite good in all the pictures, wasn't over the top.

        I agree with the don't match everything.



          I figured it was over kill and wasn't going to do all three just throwing out some options. Her dress is a mint green and here are the options I was running through in my head:

          -Charcoal grey wool tie to match the color of my suit and a mint green pocket square to match her dress


          -Mint green tie to match her dress and a white pocket square




            A mint green tie might be much (unless the green was a secondary color, kind of like this), but as a PS it would look good I think.



              I think either of your ideas sounds good -- only caveat, I'd warn of having the tie actually match the suit (want some contrast btwn suit color and tie color).



                What color is her dress?



                  Grey complements mint green very well. You will look good together, moreso if you are not 'matchy'. A pocket square with pattern that has some mint color in it (not solid) could be appropriate. If you are going to do the tie thing, I'd advise that the color is almost imperceptible in a pattern. Do not wear a solid mint green tie. Some reds also complement mint green quite well.

                  The trick is to complement one another. That goes beyond just colors. Is her dress a gown? A frock? Will you be keeping it conservative with your shoes? Bolder? If you have that sorted out then don't worry about the color palette, so long as you aren't clashing.



                    I am wearing a three piece suit so I think I am leaning toward the green tie (since most of the tie will be covered up by the vest) and a white pocket square with a charcoal border that matches the suit



                      At the same time - if she wants you to look matchy, do it. Who do you care more about pleasing, random people that won't remember you and are there for the bride/groom and won't look twice at you in the photos, or your gf? If you can convince her or help her decide that complementing is the way to go, that's awesome and preferable, but if she fails to understand why you won't be "matchy" and seems quite upset that you're favoring your own outfit over the two of you being a couple (her words, not mine!) then go matchy.

                      Mint green tie. White pocket square. Will look great.



                        A tie covered by a waistcoat is still a tie. It's right below your face. People will notice.

                        don't let it look all 'prom' like that. The horror.

                        Can I convince you to consider a traditional wedding tie? Remember that it's easier to complement than to match exactly! The latter is riskier!

                        I still have a month to convince you, eh? Hmmm...