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Problems with Indochino Suit

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    Problems with Indochino Suit

    I recently bought Indochino's essential navy suit (here: based on the recommendations here and from other men's style sites I like. I picked up the coupon from a few weeks ago ($370 for a suit, shirt, and tie) which seemed like a great deal. Now I confess I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse.

    The jacket fits ok. The shoulders seem a bit on the large side, but it's not really a problem. It's not as fitted as I prefer my jackets, but I can have it brought in without much trouble.

    It's the pants that are the real problem. They are pretty loose in the seat and the inseam. The pants leg itself is enormous through the thigh and cuff and there is huge break at my shoes. I'm not much for tapered men's pants, but I do prefer a slimmer, straight leg with a very slight break.

    I took my measurements while wearing a suit that fits me quite well, so I'm not sure how this happened. I probably gave myself a little room in some of the measurements, but no more than .25". Now I think I should have sized down--which I thought was a no-no for custom tailoring.

    So, sorry for the long winded posts. My questions for you guys:

    1) what's your experience with Indochino customer support? I have a remake request in, but no idea if they'll accept it.

    2) I don't know much about tailoring. I know the jacket shoulders are a lost cause (but again it's not a huge problem). What about the problems I described in the pants? Can those be fixed? If I had to guess I'd say leg circumference yes, seat and inseam no. But again, I just don't know too much about it.

    3) General thoughts about Indochino? I know Joe likes 'em, and I've gotten a lot of GREAT recommendations from the site. So I'm a bit surprised this has turned out like it has.

    Thanks for your help fellas!


    Pants can get completely redone by a tailor (length, taper, crotch and seat, waist, everything). Going to a tailor with those might get you better results than another random shot in the dark by Indochino. The jacket maybe be fixable by a tailor, but you may want to show it to a tailor and ask if they can make a few tweaks to fix it or if they advise getting a remake then tailoring the remade jacket to perfection.



      Thank you, that's great to know. I'm fairly new to custom tailoring so there's still a bunch I just don't know about the process.

      I'll check in with my tailor and see what they can do!



        I wouldn't have buyer's remorse. I think the first suit is always like this. I would start with your tailor and have him list all of his suggested measurement changes to the jacket and pants. Most likely, it'll be over the tailoring credit and you'll be able to request a remake. The remake should be much closer, but will probably still require some minor tailoring which the credit will cover. Again, I would just expect this.

        But don't let yourself fall into an attitude of "it's not a huge problem." This is why they have a remake/alteration policy, so you can get it the way you want it. It takes time and effort but it's worth it in the end.



          Ok. First, don't panic. Indochino's customer service has been great for me, and I am sure they will accept your remake.

          You say you wore a suit while taking measurement. Unless the process has changed, aren't you supposed to take the upper body measurements in just a shirt? This may explain why the shoulders ended up too large.

          I would compare the measurements on the pants with measurements on pants that fit you well. Comparing those measurements against those of your Indochino suit may help to identify exactly what corrections you need to make for the remake. You should also have your tailor look at the suit to see what they recommend.

          Ordering suit from Indochino is a process, and can take time and patience. I also required a remake on my first suit, but the result turned out great. I recently got my second suit, my first three-piece, and the vest required a remake. I am now confident that unless I change shape drastically, if I order more suits from them they will fit well out of the box.



            I'll be frank, I don't recall if I wore my jacket when I had the shoulder measurements taken. It was back in August. Definitely possible though, and you're right I think that would explain the larger fit there.

            I appreciate the advice. I wasn't sure what to expect since this is my first custom suit purchased online (I've ordered custom shirts online and they've turned out very well.)

            I may take the pants straight to my tailor. She's good and very reasonable. I will try and work with their CS on the jacket. Thanks again fellas.



              As is always said for Indochino, the first suit should be EXPECTED to have to be remade. It's a dialing in process.



                I'm wearing my essential grey as a I type this. My order had to remade, jacket was boxy and armholes too low. Sent a photo and some comments, and they processed my remake request almost immediately. The pants fit perfectly. I wasn't head over the heels with the shirt at first but now that I wear it, it's quite good. Tie was underwhelming ... but I've grown to be a tie snob and it's all good seeing as it was a package coupon.

                There is a near irresitable temptation to accept the suit as delivered because you are generally eager to wear it. Don't do it, take the time to get a remake, then see a tailor and get your measurements dialed in.

                Kenneth is totally right, the first suit will have to be remade. I'm sure this is accounted for in Indochino's business philosophy as they aren't so much selling you a suit as establishing a relationship based on good fit for future business. I ordered my second suit with them three weeks after the first.



                  I'll be getting my first suit from them next week sometime (also the essential grey). Let me know what course you take determining the measurements for your remake. I want to get mine fixed up and back for a buddies wedding November 10th!



                    what did you think as far as fabric quality of the essential navy?