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Parnis Watches- Need details and suggestions, my Dappered brethren

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    Parnis Watches- Need details and suggestions, my Dappered brethren

    Over the last few weeks, I have been eyeing and seeing a few posts here about Parnis automatic watches. I believe they are very appealing considering the price point. Can you guys please share your opinions regarding them and make some suggestions? Was thinking of wedding watch options and found that I like the Power Reserve models in particular. Thanks in advance.


    no experience with them but they are huge, with the smallest watch being 43mm.

    I would print this size chart out and use it for reference before buying



      unrelated, but I first read the title as penis watches. thought that was strange.



        My Power Reserve is on its way from China at the moment. I got the IWC Portuguese homage: e=ADME:L:OC:US:3160

        I own a Tissot that's 39mm, and as someone with tiny wrists, that size doesn't feel out of place. It also felt way bigger when I first got it. The Parnis (at 43mm), however, will probably push the limits of what's acceptable for me. It definitely wouldn't hurt to go and try on some watches of similar size before ordering.

        If the Parnis shows up any time soon, I'll try and remember to come back to this thread and give you my thoughts regarding craft, appearance, size, etc. Also, be aware that the leather strap that it comes with is going to be pretty stiff and low quality. You might want to consider getting a new band.

        I'd be interested to hear reviews and opinions from other members that own a Parnis.



          I own a sterile (no logo) Parnis sub homage in PVD. Case is 40mm, lugs are 20mm. I think the quality is great, I have had it over a year and it runs great. It is by far the most complemented watch I own.



            With Parnis watches, the most important thing is to make sure you buy it from a reputable seller. Customer service is going to be virtually nonexistent, and returning the watch to China if it's malfunctioning will cost you close to the price of the watch itself, so you've basically got to try to shift the odds in your favor by buying from the most reputable dealer around. I've bought a couple watches from Manbushijie - aside from the 3-week shipping time, I've had no complaints. Much better than Chinese watches I've purchased from random eBay sellers.

            Another option is to buy a used Parnis from someone a little closer to home, though obviously you will have to sit around for a while before the perfect deal comes along.

            Overall, I think Parnis watches are a good deal for the money... as long as you get one that runs. The build quality is decent, especially considering the price. Some of the details aren't so good, like the quality of the leather bands and buckles, but the most important parts of the watch all seem to be machined well.




              I can also recommend Manbushijie



                what are people's favorite parnises? Anyone want to post some up?



                  I'm looking to get one too. I'm between three. I like the idea of the white face because you can use a brown OR black strap. I'm not inclined to add a brown strap to a watch with a black face.

                  Parnis White Dial Power Reserve seagull automatic deployment bucke watch 235

                  parnis 43mm White dial Power Reserve automatic mechanical Men's watch




                    Jared, I like that second one you posted. I am also interested, so I'll play:

                    Looking at a pilot's watch with either grey or black dial:







                      What does it mean that they are handwind? I have a pretty good idea, just want to know what it will require. Is it a lot of work? Looking at some of their watches I like the Militare watches.



                        Never seen one in person, but I like the E115.

                        Simplicity is woefully underrated among the watch hounds on this site.




                          Alright, so I said that if I remembered, I would come back and give a review of my Parnis.

                          I'm at work waiting for a CPU intensive task to process on my computer that should take around 30 minutes, so I've been relegated to very light internet browsing.

                          Brand: Parnis

                          Model: Power Reserve Automatic (see my post above for exact image)

                          Size: 43mm

                          Cost: $80

                          Shipping Time (from China): approximately 2 weeks (10 business days)

                          Days Owned: 11


                          Overall, for $80, this watch is definitely a purchase I am pleased with. It came very securely packaged and was free of blemishes upon opening.

                          The watch face is very pleasing to look at. I personally find it to be understated and elegant. The face is slightly off white and becomes more yellow depending on the type of lighting in your environment. This color works wonderfully with the blue of the hands and digits.(Note: the text of "Parnis," "Chronometer," "Power Reserve," and "Automatic" as well as the digits and subdivisions of the two smaller dials are all in black) All of these colors also create a nice composition with the walnut color of the band.

                          When inspecting the face more closely, I can notice a few imperfections. A few of the numbers are not perfectly aligned and are ever so slightly rotated from vertical. This is more noticeable on the "1" digits as a result of their being simple vertical lines. I do, however, entirely believe you would have to be intentionally looking, with a fair amount of determination, for flaws in order for these details to be recognized.

                          The casing of the watch is a polished silver on both the front and back. The sides have a brushed finish.

                          Looking at the back of the watch, at the jewels and the interiors of the movement through the glass, nothing particularly stands out. I can observe a singular blemish, a dark spot, but it is very small in size. There isn't much more to say regarding the backside of the watch, as most of its time will be spent hidden from view.

                          The band was VERY stiff when I first put on the watch. Laughably so - to the the point it sat awkwardly on my wrist initially. However, the band has broken in considerably after just a few wears. The buckle/clasp however, is still a bit of a chore to open and close. I find myself pulling with a fair amount of force to free the band from the hook (sorry, I don't have the right terminology here) which is probably a result of the small holes in the band and the long length of the clasp. All things considered, you most definitely can live with the supplied band. I intend to continue using it until I really feel the need to find a replacement.


                          I don't wear the watch on a daily basis, so I cannot give you a +/- on timing accuracy over the course of a week. However, over a single day the watch has always been within a few seconds of accurate and is close to being on par with my Tissot which cost multiple times more. The Sea-Gull movement is certainly of high quality. In addition, the "Power Reserve" feature seems to be rather accurate. After a day of wearing the watch with normal movement and no intentional gyration to wind it, the Reserve dial indicates around 30-35 hours. While the dial never moves beyond the 40 hour mark despite how much I wind it, I have left the watch unworn for this period and found that it remained active for right around 40 hours.


                          The winding action of the watch, when you make a considerable movement with your wrist, is audible. It sounds something like a freewheel spinning on a bicycle, although that probably isn't the most accurate depiction of the sound. I'm not sure if this is common with automatic watches, as I only own 1 other auto and it does not make any sound, however there is a sort of mechanical beauty to it, a way of letting you know it's doing its job. It isn't very loud at all and it is unlikely you would hear it throughout the course of a day unless listening for it or intentionally trying to spin the movement to wind it. Also, the ticking of the hands is pretty standard. Nothing worth making particular note about.

                          That's all guys. I am by no means an expert on watches, nor do I believe my review should be seen as anything other than a singular commentary from one user. I am very happy with my purchase, and while I don't think it would fool any serious watch aficionado (of which I am not), that shouldn't be the reason why you're purchasing a Parnis in the first place. Feel free to ask questions or disregard my post entirely, I enjoyed putting together this brief writeup regardless.



                            @Shift and Void

                            Thanks for the review. That is indeed a great looking watch.

                            Do you find that the 43mm is too large for your wrist?

                            I've never owned a watch bigger than 40mm.



                              At first, I wont lie, I was a bit hesitant about it. I have tiny wrists and the jump from 39mm to 43mm was definitely noticeable. But after a day or two of wearing it, I feel completely comfortable with the size. I certainly think I've reached the largest I would be comfortable wearing, but I don't think it looks awkward or out of place, nor do I think it draws attention to my wrist size. If I have some time, I'll try and take a few pictures of different watches on my wrist for comparison.