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Did my tailor just take me to the cleaners?

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    Did my tailor just take me to the cleaners?

    So I finally decided to get some fit issues resolved with my suits. I had two pairs of pants that needed to be tapered down from 10" to 8.5... And a jacket that needed to get the sleeves lengthened by 1/2 inch. Total cost for the inevitable hem job for the legs, once they are tapered...was $197. That seems high to me, but he wouldn't budge.

    Also...why can I never find a tailor who speaks English as his native tongue? I feel like the language barrier always gets much worse as soon as we start to talk price too...drives me crazy.

    I am in MD, just outside DC, so yes the cost of living is very high here...but that still seems ridiculous.

    Am I wrong? Is that not highway robbery?


    Seems astoundingly high to me. I go to one tailor for easy jobs like tapers and hems ($20 per pair or pants for taper/hem), then another for more complicated things because she is wonderful but pricier for my area ($40 I think for sleeves with non-functioning cuffs).

    But hey, it's all said and done. If he did a good job, don't sweat it, just go somewhere else next time.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      That sounds crazy high to me. I thought MY tailor was expensive. He charges $35 for a sleeve shortening and $20 for a simple hem. Never had him taper any trousers, so I don't know. $200 seems way out of line - I'd expect maybe $50-75, on the high end, for the work you had done.




        I am from Toronto, and my tailor charges me $15 for hems, $38 for hem and taper, and $28 for sleeve shortening/lengthening for sleeves with non functioning cuffs. Torontos cost of living is also extremely high. I think youre being taken for a ride, or this guys is a magician and can justify these kinds of fees. In which case I would go somewhere else.



          Im in South FL, I just dropped of two blazers to be brought in a good bit in te waist and have the sleeves brought up, along with a shirt and sweater to have them slimmed in the body and sleeves and it was $130 for everything.

          $16 for jacket sleeves, $35 for jacket body, $14 for shirt/sweater body/sleeves

          Countryside Man of Letters



            I recently paid $10/ea for 2 shirts, $10 for pant taper, and $15 taking in jacket sides. This was in Dubuque, IA so not as pricey as MD. Seems like he's screwing you over.



              What you described would probably cost me $150 here in SF. I had a pair of pants hemmed and tapered for $50.



                It looks like maybe he charges $30 per seam + Tax? It is pricey, but nowhere out of the realm of the plausible. I would get him to explain his pricing structure to you before you get any more work done.

                This lot would probably cost me $100 in Manhattan, but my tailor is very reasonably priced. From my most recent tailoring expedition: Suit sleeves, waist on jacket and pants, and hem, plus sleeves on a trench $130.

                @Nicholascrawford: From your post it looks like sleeve alterations are $100? That seems extreme, my tailor does them for $30.



                  He had two pairs of pants, so I came up with $150 from 50+50+50 since she charged me around $50 for sleeves before I realized that I would go to a seamstress for simple fixes and only take nuanced things to the tailor.



                    Maths FAIL. I didn't see the TWO pairs of pants. $130-$150 seems more like it.



                      I had similar work done recently, though a bit more. I had the jacket sleeves shortened (non-functioning buttonholes), side seams taken in, collar shortened, thighs taken in, legs tapered and hemmed...I paid $70. I get all my work done by the same person and she usually gives me a good deal as long as I'm going to her consistently.

                      I also recently had two suits done (center seam in on both, shortened collar on both--bought two Thompson suits). $40 total. Pretty sure I was charged the wrong price.



                        I am in Maryland myself, about 30 minutes from D.C. I heard that Christopher Kim on 2000 M Street Northwest is the best in DC. I haven't gone to him for the fear that I get there, and he too takes me to the cleaners.



                          Seems pretty high to me, but my experience is limited.

                          @ChrisW, to whom do you go in Manhattan? I'm looking to audition some new tailors because my go-to's in Brooklyn have done kinda crappy work of late.



                            In NYC, I pay $30 for the taper, $20 for the pants hem, and $30 for the jacket sleeves (assuming non-functioning cuffs). You would have paid $130 with my tailor. I think you paid on the high side, but you probably could have done worse. Did you agree to the price before the work was completed?

                            I wouldn't expect to find a English-native tailor. They probably exist, but most tailors are from elsewhere. Choose a tailor for his workmanship above all else.



                              I go to Onay Tailors on 93rd between 2nd and 1st. They are an older couple, the wife does the fitting and the husband does the alterations. He says he used to hand sew bespoke suits for Gucci in the 60s. I can quite believe it. They usually take about a week to turn stuff around, a little more when they get busy.