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New Balance 993s?

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    New Balance 993s?

    Hey there, long time reader, few time poster, the usual.

    So at my local family-owned running store, they have a pair of New Balance 993s on sale for $30 which, after checking online, is ridiculous because they usually go for ~$120. I've heard they are super comfortable and their biggest selling point is that they are entirely made in America.

    Anyone have any experience with these bad boys? I am hesitant because my current running shoes are holding up pretty decently but I'm curious as to what people think.

    Any comments are appreciated.


    I've heard they are comfortable, but I've never tried them. Steve Jobs wore the 990/991/992/993 as the line progressed. They are iconic as part of his daily uniform.



      I have myself a pair of 993s and they are comfortable. Though they are kinda ugly. I would recommend them for such a great price.



        @Cannon Hmm never knew that about Steve Jobs but it's kinda cool that the creator of my phone felt they were good enough.

        @YellowWonder Yeah... I thought they were pretty ugly too. Well maybe not ugly, just bland. But since they are running shoes I guess it wouldn't make too much of a difference.



          Honestly, when it comes to stuff like running shoes, getting the right fit at a good price is more important than looking good. My strategy re: workout clothes is not to maximize my hotness at the expense of function, but to prioritize function while minimizing how doofy I look. My current running shoes are a horrible Halloween orange-and-black but they were inexpensive and work for my running needs. What can you do.




            Just don't use them for weight training or running/impact(stability issues with those types of shoes has a much higher risk of knee damage)

            If they are for point A to point B long distance walking fine.

            and watch crazy stupid love :P



              I think I'm gonna be the odd man out here, but I definitely think it's possible to get a pair of simple sneakers that can work for athletic stuff and a stylish casual look without the New Balance clunkiness (though it is cool they're made in the US). I've also never spent over $100 on a pair of sneakers, which makes it possible to have a couple pairs to rotate.

              This might come down to personal style and where I live, but I've gotten way more compliments on these than I ever have on a pair of dress or other casual shoes:

              Some further, highly-researched empirical evidence to prove my point, not a huge fan of this outfit, but scroll down to the third look here:



                You guys are tough, man. By running shoe standards, 993s are downright sexy... Most running shoes are an awful mish-mash of colors and materials, but the 993s are monochrome and unobtrusive.

                My problem with the 993s was that I found them a bit heavy on my feet. They are indeed comfortable but I always felt like I had a bit of lead in my feet when I ran with them. I eventually switched over to a different NB model that felt much lighter, but I no longer run so I can't remember the model number.

                Most important, though, if you're going to be logging any sort of significant running mileage, is whether the shoes are designed for pronators, supinators, or a neutral foot strike. Of course that requires knowing your own foot strike. I believe that a majority of people pronate and a majority of running shoes are designed to correct pronation, but if you're, say, a supinator, then you obviously don't want a shoe designed to correct a problem you don't have.

                But assuming the 993s are appropriate for your foot strike (I believe they're for pronators), they're certainly a good value at that price.



                  @Max - I don't like those. They hit me as that fresh and hip mainstream trend of color pop and easy-breeziness.

                  But then again, I obsess over James Bond's clothes and my closet consists of grey, navy, black, white, khaki/tans and earth tones just about exclusively. I may just not be fly enough for that new stuff.



                    I am currently on my second pair of 993's and I use them casually (not for running) for walking/getting around. They are by far the most comfortable pair of athletic shoes that I've ever used (Asics, Nike, Mizuno mostly).

                    For $30, let me know if they have any pair in a size 13 and I'll PayPal you the funds + shipping!

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                      Any mention of New Balance shoes and Steve Jobs reminds me of this clip:



                        The 990/991/992/993 are as iconic and classic as the running shoe can get. My father and several of my uncles simply won't wear anything else, and they did a lot of running (military).

                        I wish New Balance would make some of their Minimus line domestically. So far, only 1 company makes "barefoot" shoes in the US - Softstar.



                          Thanks everyone for responding! Didn't expect this good of a turn out.

                          I decided if the shoes are still in the store when I next go, I'll pick 'em.