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    Slim Fit Blazer

    I'm looking for a good slim fit blazer (to wear with chinos, grey dress pants, etc.).

    I am a slim guy, and I like my suits, etc to fit rather slimly. Not skinny, but slim. Like the fit of most of the stuff you see people wearing in GQ, for instance.

    Basically, I can't seem to find any that aren't close to $300.

    Is there anything here in the $100 range that isn't going to require another $100 of tailoring?


    H&M, but you'll be confined to either cotton or polyester-blends. I've seen them list some all-wool jackets online, but no navy blazers.

    I'd expect to shell out a little more dough - care to let me know what you've found that fits in the bill in a higher price range?



      This would work, but for the price:



        I can confirm that H&M has a navy blazer for $59 (plus 20% off if you sign up for their emails on their site). 2 button, navy buttons, little padding if there was any, not too slim and "metro" like their other stuff. I think it was 100% cotton but don't quote me because I remember some of their other blazers were 70% poly. Definitely "wow"ed me for something H&M though.



          I actually really think that the suit jacket from the J Crew Factory navy suit has a lot of potential as a dressy blazer. The texture isn't mega-dressy for a suit, which helps a bit, and the brown buttons would be awesome with some casual leather shoes and a brown belt. Throw dark denim/grey cords/charcoal chinos/whatever in the mix and you'll look dynamite.

          I also would caution you from wearing large peak lapels on a small and skinny frame. Yes, they exaggerate the shoulders, etc, etc, but if you're not at least built averagely, those large peak lapels will dwarf your figure, not enhance it. Definitely don't go the other way, with super skinny notch lapels, either though. There's a reason the medium notch is a classic...



            You might consider Uniqlo. Not sure what they have on hand right now, but they usually have something in a navy blazer and their fits are generally pretty slim. If you're in NYC, you can visit one of their stores, if you are in San Francisco, I believe one is opening in October, and anywhere else there is a method for online ordering that was outlined on the main Dappered site a few weeks back (can't remember the details, though).



              Zara has some sharp blazers for about $130

              Also the Marc Anthony line at Kohl's, and try Century 21 too.



                I have a 100% wool Zara navy blazer that's quite slim-fitting and modern. Got it for about $150-200 full price.

                I'd also check out Topman - haven't purchased from them, but they seem to carry a bunch of slim-fit/skinny.

                FYI, I've read that Uniqlo is about to launch their online store...



                  Darn, Shomas beat me to Uniqlo. If you're living in NYC, the Uniqlo on 5th Ave and 53rd? st I believe has the best supplies for clothing, compared to the one in Soho. If anything, go into a store and try them on. Blazers can be extremely difficult to figure out during your fitting.

                  One of our team members is a very slim guy as well. Different stores (H&M, and J.Crew) vary with size and tailoring. So a store will do you well versus a simple buy online.

                  If you're feeling adventurous, check out Asos !



                    Nicholas just posted this:

                    I grabbed the one in Chestnut (size 36) - we'll see how it works out.