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Suggestions for upgrading my everyday lightweight jacket

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    Suggestions for upgrading my everyday lightweight jacket

    Here's a pic of me wearing my Dickies Eisenhower jacket. I pretty much wear it every day and like its overall look (except for the logo and long sleeves) and the weight is perfect for the mild weather here in the Bay Area.

    Given how much I wear this, though, I'd like to upgrade to something in a similar vein (mechanic's jacket, right?) that's better constructed, doesn't have such an obvious logo, and fits me better in the sleeves. Being a lightweight jacket I'd like to keep it under $100, if possible. What about the Land's End Stormer Jacket? I know that people love Harrington jackets for this purpose but unless I'm mistaken I can't get one for under $100. Any other suggestions would be much appreciated, thanks!


    There are a lot of options and I'll suggest just browsing through various sites and stores to see what you like.

    If you're into Harrington jackets, Warrior UK has them for about $35 on their site. If shipping from the UK ends up costing a fortune, try looking for them on Google (I forget what site ships them from the US). 66b1382041&gclid=CIzk37LXlqwCFUGo4AodWycwOg

    You could also try Member's Only. Take a look at their jackets then try to find them on Google or Amazon, they're always on sale.