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    Tie Clips

    I really like the look of tie clips/bars (they're the same thing, right?) but i have never worn one before. are there any hard and fast rules to pull this off? i typically wear fairly skinny ties (around 2 inches) and i noticed that most tie clips are slightly longer than that. is it okay for the tie clip to be longer than the tie is wide or is that a no no?

    Also, does anyone have a suggestion for a good-looking tie clip that doesn't cost $50-100? i get that they are a somewhat formal accessory but it seems ridiculous to pay more than $20 or so for one. just looking for something simple and functional.



    $15 from, they have all kinds of widths (down to 1" I think) and finishes. GQ show them fairly often.



      From what I hear, the normal place to wear them is between the 3rd and 4th shirt button

      Between the 2nd and 3rd button is trendier and works with a vest, but generally the higher you wear the thing the younger you look (or are trying to look)

      But then that's just what I hear

      Oh and +1 on the tie-bar tiebars



        thanks for the tips guys $15 is much more reasonable than what i was seeing!



          Don't wear them with a vest... overkill and unnecessary. Also, never let them be wider than your tie unless you want that insurance salesman from the '70s look!



            i concur with all the points made, it should be placed tween 3rd and 4th button and should also fall in line with the other metals you are wearing. If your buckle on belt is gold, go with gold accessories (gold watch, clip, earrings (if you still wear them, cuffs). you can wear gold and silver accessories but it just doesnt look as nice.

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