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How much can I dress these down?

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    How much can I dress these down?

    I've only recently begun upgrading my shoe collection, and a little while ago I pulled the trigger on a pair of Allen Edmonds Weybridges that were on clearance. I absolutely love them, yet I've only worn them twice. I'm having trouble deciding if they're can be dressed down with a pair of jeans, or if they're too formal.

    Any thoughts and opinions from those of you who've been rocking great shoes for a while would be much appreciated!


    I'd say as much as you want but will depend on what you're wearing up top. Definitely chinos and a dress shirt. I would also wear them with slim, dark denim and a nice button down with or without a blazer.

    Some might not care for dressing down a more formal shoe like that but provided the rest of the outfit is in sync I think it looks great.

    Terrific looking shoe.

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      Those are some amazing Allen Edmonds Weybridges. They look extremely wearable to almost anywhere.

      Dressing down can be difficult, especially with these type of shoes. I would suggest a pair of pants or chinos to wear with these shoes. A bold, yet sharp color out to do the trick. If you're going for a quick evening usage, show off a pair of stripped or checkered socks to match the outfit.

      When I'm at a formal event, especially during the daylight, it's best to show those shoes off and rock them well.

      I hope this helps!



        These shoes are very good looking. I find closed lacing oxfords quite formal, but with the right pair of jeans (slim,dark) I think they would work. I tend to choose shoes which are less formal (wingtips, for example) or shoes that are a little beaten up to go with jeans.



          I probably should've been a little more clear, but you guys seem like you knew exactly what I meant! Gonna wear them today with some slim, dark jeans and button-up with a v-neck sweater.

          Definitely helped, thanks for your input!



            I think you could wear those with jeans with no problem. The broguing pattern on them is kind of quirky which makes them feel more casual to me.

            The whole closed lacing (balmoral) vs. open lacing thing (blucher) has always been very overrated to me. 99% of people would not even notice the difference.

            AE even uses the closed lacing on some intentionally informal shoes (McTavish, Elgin, etc)