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Allen Edmonds - Do different shoes made on the same last fit the same?

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    Allen Edmonds - Do different shoes made on the same last fit the same?

    Simply...I am considering a custom 12.5 Dalton, but they are more expensive and unreturnable. I'd REALLY like to try on a shoe that fits reasonably similar before committing. Problem is, the only AE on the same last and available in 12.5 seem to be very different styles / not boots:

    * Leeds -

    * Wilbert -

    So, any of you have an idea how helpful ordering and trying one of these on will actually be, or is there generally too much variance even on the same last to be all that helpful? The lady I spoke to at AE wasn't quite sure.


    Do you have a AE store near by or any other AE shoes?

    I would recommend going in and trying on a pair. I

    have reads that the Dalton's do fit TTS.

    For reference here are my sizes:

    9.5E - park ave, strand

    9E - mctavish

    10D - daltons note: I could have fit in the same size as my PA & strands (9.5E), however when I purchased them this was the only size available.



      I've tried on the Daltons in 12D, 12E, and 13D (I'm typically a 13 in other brands). The 13D fits best, but my toes actually fit in the 12 length-wise, which makes me worried that my heel will slip if I wear the 13's. Thus, wondering if a 12.5 is the way to go. Interesting on your sizing variance. Do you find you have any heel slippage w/ the larger Dalton?



        I found the Daltons to be true to size. The lasts are very similar but I have noticed some differences. I found the Nuemonk to run a half size larger than other hoes built on the same sole.



          That's tough, you have tries on all the sizes but the 12.5.

          Which did u find the most comfortable?

          When I purchased mt daltons I ordered both a 10D & 10E.

          I experienced heel slipping with both boots, however after breaking the 10D the slipping is no longer present. With the 10E the heel was pretty loose so I returned it. Keep in mind that with boots you can cinch the lacing tighter to help with the slipping, where as you can't do that with a shoe.



            You will have to look up the last, but these are all Size 11D's I've had.

            Strawfuts(5 last I believe) fit great

            Players..bit roomier in the heel, narrower toe box

            Cortlands..loose all around

            Mayfairs: not really sure as I only got them for formal occasions, but I think they fit quite well IIR

            Montgomery: I think fit the same as players roughly, sold them.