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your favorite Allen Edmonds models

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    your favorite Allen Edmonds models

    So which Allen Edmonds models are your favorites?


    Park Avenue in black and merlot, Fifth Avenue in brown, Strand in walnut, Dalton in walnut and I wish the McAllister would come in medium/dark brown.



      My favorites from my collection are the Chocolate Dalton boots and the Walnut Strand.



        I did try on the Walnut Dalton's at the Costa Mesa store, and I found them too... bright. Don't get me wrong, the color really pops, but I can't wear them with khaki's, for example.

        +1 @Juan, though. The dark chocolate Dalton's are amazing. I would have said the Kenilworth's are also a fave, but I could never get over the bowing problem.



          i only have the neumoks but i absolutely love them



            Daltons in walnut. I really like the styling and color.

            I also really like the players in snuff suede. The color is incredible in person and the nap of the suede is very rich.

            "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



              As far as what I have in my collection I love my Verano's the most. I would love to get a pair of Park Aves.



                Strand in walnut



                  @jessy, I love all those choices

                  @ooze3, which neumok did you get?

                  I have a Clifton in Walnut & Neumora in Black.



                    Walnut Shell Cordovan Daltons and Walnut McAllisters.



                      I'm going to say my black Strawfuts. Try on a pair during the summer months and you'll see. Such a unique look.

                      Strands a close second.



                        I have/had many. Strands in black and walnut are standard. The Elgins have revitalized my love life. Park Aves over the year have come and gone. Bucktowns with their stupid soles but lovely profile. Strawfut in the summer. Sanford in the fall. Oh, how I love thee Sir Dalton.




                        If I could pick one shoe to wear for the rest of my life, I would take an endless supply of black and cognac Glenfields. That is the last for which God created feet. The way that model bridges pinhole broguing with a nigh Italinate toe is a masterpiece of American ingenuity. I have been complimented on this shoe on three continents. It wears with suits and denim. It capers jauntily between high and low culture. I have worn it in parks and basilicae. It tells the world that you understand the history of the shoe and that you are willing to flaunt that esoterica.

                        Run the perfect denim or nailhead donegal break across a Glenfield. This, friends, is why homo sapiens started wrapping crap around their feet.



                          Sanford in walnut, dalton in walnut, fifth ave in chocolate brown. I know I will not make many friends by saying so but Sanford>Strand in my opinion. A more narrow (read sleeker) show with less brogue to give a potentially busy appearance. The downside is that the Sanford does not regularly go on sale.



                            Policy Nerd - writ large with emotion! I simply can't get attached to a split toe, though. I can appreciate your respect for the shoe, though!



                              I actually really like my kenilworths. It's not one of the more popular models, but I appreciate it's versatility.