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Genuine, constructive criticism of Indochino

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    Genuine, constructive criticism of Indochino

    I'll close this in a hurry of this turns into mud-slinging of "people who wear..." kinds of comments.

    Here's my critique, and I've offered this to them directly, so I'm not just griping into the interwebs. I did speak to a staff member of theirs to voice it:

    -The lapel widths don't scale up as the sizes go up. A 36R-equivalent person will have slim lapels that look proportional. But the lapels *stay the same* all the way up to 44L and north. We've seen that in the "Does It Fit?" thread, and I've really scratched my head. Thin lapels are terrific, but they have to be bigger on bigger guys!


    They don't? Well that's pretty bad. I thought they would scale. See this post on SF :

    Note to myself : if I ever try Indochino, go with the regular notch. 2.1" is awfully narrow.



      Jefferyd of Styleforum's review is amongst the most constructive criticism I have ever seen of Indochino suits.

      I find their DB pattern to look much more flattering than their SB. Often the button stance on the SB jackets is too high, coupled with waist suppression, and this draws up the look of the jacket (which is short to begin with).

      That looks awkward, IMO.

      That's better.

      There are members here and on other forums, of course, that haven't suffered these problems at all, whether that be by chance or attention to detail.

      FWIW, I think that a number of heavier gentlemen have looked better in Indochino suits than a great number of us slim folk, probably because a rounder silhouette mitigates that above issue.