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Pants for guys with tree trunks

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    Pants for guys with tree trunks

    I wouldn't say I have an athlete's build, but I guess I'm built more toward that body type.

    5'10, 180

    41R, 32W

    My problem is that my thighs are 24" each (my tailor measured). It's almost impossible for me to find pants that fit right OTR. Either the waist is falling off and needing a lot of belt action, or I'm squeezing into the pants/jeans.

    For jeans, I can only wear Levi's 559 (relaxed straight) but I usually need a belt.

    For pants, I have to get the waist taken in.

    Does anyone else have this problem?


    I am in a similar situation but don't find it to be much of a problem. I have a true 30" waist (normally wear 31-32") and 24" thighs. I've also got a pretty serious ghetto booty, but a fairly narrow waist and a very slender upper body (37" chest). I'd describe my build as soccer player-ish, though ironically I am awful at soccer.

    My strategy has always been to buy pants that fit my legs and deal with the loose waist afterward. I used to think that I had to wear "relaxed fit" pants but over the years I've realized that a slim-straight fit actually works best for me, and is not at all too tight most of the time (I wear 31x30 in J.Crew's Urban Slim Fit and 32x30 in Levi's 514, for example). More than anything, I think most guys react negatively to the way slim pants fit and feel before giving themselves a chance to get used to it. They are not accustomed to wearing or seeing themselves in "tight" pants.

    But I always wear a belt. My pants would constantly be falling off if I didn't. It's just a fact of life that I've embraced with a small belt collection. If I didn't like belts, I would probably have to get the waists taken in on all my pants. But since I do like belts, it isn't an issue.

    My main problem with leg size is that I find it impossible to buy suits that aren't sold as separates. The trousers that come with a 36R jacket just aren't designed for legs like mine, even if I were to have them altered pretty drastically.




      Lol, I totally misread the title as the very vulgar "Pants for guys with THREE trunks"





          I have the same issue, except I wear suits every day. My pants categorically feel tight around my thighs (and nether region). Also, this cannot be good for my sperm count.

          I'm pretty broad, at 5'9" with a 44" chest and 34" waist, but not freakishly so. I know I can't be the only one with this issue, and I can't imagine how some other ex-athletes deal with this.

          I typically buy suit separates and shy away from trim cuts, then have the jacket tapered. It's both uneconomical and insufficient.

          What do the other guys here do?



            I've got very similar measurements to BenR. Suit separates have been my friend, as has my local menswear shop that does all initial tailoring for free. I wear 514s and 501s and only have to size up in the waist by an inch or so. Jeans are easier because denim stretches to your shape.

            Can anyone tell me what the average cost is to bring in the waist on a pair of pants? Is it different depending on the material? I have to wear belts just like Ben, but then I get excess material bunching up underneath.



              I've had good luck with Gap slim fit chinos and Alpha Khakis. I did have to size up 2 though, no issues with the waist being too big.


              44 Chest

              32 Waist

              24 Thighs

              18 Calves



                @steadman: First, how's the shoulder? My brother got me a custom made Brickma jersey for my birthday years ago, great movie.

                I'm in the same boat as you: 5'11, 46 inch chest (more barrel chested than broad though) and 34 inch waist. I've slimmed down a bit from when I played football, (48 chest, 36 waist) and had to get all new suits. I just got the jcrew factory ones because I could get all three for a good price. There are very few options even available, so I got them even though the 46 barely fit barely fit in the chest and arms. Went with a 36 waist for the thighs to fit, will probably have to get the waist taken in soon.

                In terms of jeans/chinos, it's easier to find chinos than jeans for some reason. I don't know why whoever makes these clothes thinks that because I have big thighs, that also means I have kankles that are 14 inches around. I actually haven't found an OTR jean that I like yet. Either they fit in the thigh and then look like bell bottoms, or they fit around the calf/ankle and you can see my quad muscles. I'm wearing a pair of jcrew urban slim chinos in 35x32 that actually aren't too bad, but I can't get the urban slim jeans over my thighs even in a size 36. The slim straights are ok, but not exactly what I'm looking for. I have a pair of 511's that I got after I read a review saying they were more like 513's, and the denim is a little stretchy, so not the best quality, but decent all around. I'm in NY for a few months and will eventually make my way to the bonobos store to see how their jeans fit, and I've been tempted to try the Unbranded Tapered denim from urban outfitters because the reviews mention a great fit for thick thighs.

                No clue what my mansurements are for my thighs and calves, but I'd say my thighs are a lot bigger than my calves from biking and prior years of squats.



                  I'm in the same boat - 6'0",40" chest, 33" waist, and an excess of glut and quad muscle. I usually wear J Crew urban slim fit jeans and khakis for casual.

                  But my issue is dresswear, more specifically, when I have to tuck in my shirts (when I don't have a jacket on). I've got a slim upper body and much more formidable lower body. What style choices can guys like us make to de-emphasize this?

                  Or am I just going to have to keep pounding out those push ups?



                    I've found that anything that gives you the classic "V" shape will help. Usually that's in the form of a collar or neckline. So v-necks, jackets, button down collars to frame your face, that sort of thing. I also think that well tailored slacks with a clean crease down the middle will elongate and thus slim your lower body. But keep in mind that I am by no means an expert on this stuff.



                      Am I the only one here that doesn't have massive thighs? I've been lifting for years and I'm still pretty puny :P



                        @trash I'm a cyclist, but I have 21" thighs (my pants are size 28).

                        Guys in this thread, do not ever buy Old Navy slim cut jeans. I really have to squeeze into them, while the waist is very loose.



                          +1 on the ON pants. Never had any luck on pants there. That store is a disaster below the waist.

                          I made the voyage to one of the bigger malls here and tried on some chinos at various places. I ended up buying some from H&M, and besides the fact that I'll have to hem them I'm very happy with the fit. This is my first ever H&M purchase because I've always been scared away by the reputation for poor quality. We'll see how they do...

                          Also tried on some Dockers Alpha Khakis in my normal size just for S's and G's. I had heard they were slim, but da-yum. My friend literally had to avert her eyes when I strolled out of the fitting room. I think the term she used was "junk lips"...Cameltoe for dudes?


                            curious what folks are doing for dress pants- I cycle in the spring/summer and do lots of squats in fall/winter- my pants are looking TIGHTER than ever in the thighs.


                              My thighs aren't quite as big but as a active runner I have a similar issue and I have settled on bonobos for pants at the moment. They suit you better if you have more mass in your upper legs/butt. However, a lot of their stuff isn't as tapered in the calf as some of us would like. It looks like with their newer slim fit chino's, they are trying to address that.

                              Unrelated to the OP, but since a lot of guys posting in this thread have decent drops from their chest to waist, ie the v taper, where are you guys buying sweaters from? This has issue has vexed me for years. My frame, 41 Chest, 48 shoulders as measured across widest point at deltoids, and 33 waist, I cannot find a medium sweater that isn't too tight in chest/shoulders or a large that isn't baggy in the waist. Can anybody help me out here?