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Need quick advice on shoe choice for funeral.

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    Need quick advice on shoe choice for funeral.

    Hello Gents,

    I am attending a funeral tomorrow and need to know if this combination is too bold.

    The Suit: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, Navy Plaid %20by%20Ralph%20Lauren%20Mens%26sp%3D1%26spc%3D36% 26ruleId%3D66%26slotId%3D6

    The Shoe: Stacy Adams Madison in Burgundy

    Shirt and Tie/Accessories: Classic White shirt, Black Tie, Submariner Possible Pocket Square.

    Thoughts on the shoe? Is the pocket square too much?

    All the best,



    Man, I don't know. I think there's a reason that plain black/dark charcoal suits and muted ties are "standard issue" for funerals.

    In my opinion, any plaid suit (even a subtle plaid) is a bit on the bold side for a funeral, irrespective of the rest of the outfit. Add burgundy shoes and a pocket square to the ensemble and things get out of hand.

    That's all just my opinion, though; others may disagree.



      The plaid suit is, in my opinion, a bit dandy-ish for a sober occasion like a funeral. Best to stick with a solid charcoal grey or navy suit, if you have one. If not, something like a navy blazer and grey trousers would also be appropriate. Depending on the deceased's status, the funeral venue, and so on, it's probable that only a minority of the men will be wearing suits, so don't feel obligated to pick a bold suit over a conservative jacket/trousers combo just because it's a suit. Assuming the funeral isn't a major public affair, even something like a dark sweater with shirt and tie could be appropriate and respectful.

      The shoes are not technically correct for a formal occasion, because of the open lacing, but honestly, no one is going to notice your shoes, much less care about such a minor detail when they are busy mourning or consoling others.

      The shirt and tie sound fine. If you do opt for a pocket square, pick white and don't do any creative folds or poofs. Just a neat white line peeking above your pocket.




        I agree with everything above. Dark clothes and shoes that do not draw attention to yourself. Unless it's your funeral. Then do what you want.



          At least on my monitor, the suit is subtle enough. I would go for a plainer shoe, and ditch the pocket square personally.



            I feel like somebody should say, "Sorry for your loss," right?



              I can hardly see the plaid on my phone. It does look muted.

              No to the pocket square. Better to show what you know some other time.



                The plaid is very subdued. If I pulled a black oxford and lost the pocket square, better? The only other well tailored suit I have right now is black pinstripe which is consider a no go. I recently lost about 25 lbs. Not all of my suits have been altered yet.



                  I think you're in the clear with that.



                    Since it is a funeral, just keep it simple and tame. It is not a time to be overly flashy or fashion forward. I would even skimp on anything deemed "flashy" like cufflinks, pocket squares, etc.

                    Black suit, black shoes, subdued (or also black) tie.



                      Agree with everyone above. A funeral isn't an event to be excited to dress up for or even plan an outfit. It's not the time to draw attention to yourself in any way. Throw on your darkest suit, simple dark tie, black shoes, and prepare to be there for those grieving. If you want a place to exercise your new-found sartorial sense, buy tickets to a play or attend a gala benefiting a non-profit. Hell, wear an ensemble to go window shopping. Life provides plenty of occasions to dapper it out. Funerals aren't one of them.



                        I think pulling the pocket square and wearing black oxfords will be fine. Sorry for your loss Greggy.



                          Obviously you already have some doubt about your attire, otherwise you wouldn't even be asking. I'd go conservative with black/gray. That's a sharp suit, but you shouldn't be dressing to impress for a funeral. But hey--you'll look smashing when you do debut this ensemble!