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Vintage Cream Blazer

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    Vintage Cream Blazer

    Hello all,

    Longtime Dapper reader, first time poster.

    I have a vintage cream-colored Yves Saint-Laurent blazer. It's about a 38r, and fits me quite well. I'm a college student who works blue-collar jobs during the summer, so I only wear it when the weather is cooler, which is okay because it's a thicker jacket.

    Here's the problem: it's a bit flashy. Basically, I want to wear this in as restrained a way as possible, so that I get the benefit of a cool, well-fitting vintage jacket without being seen as flash.

    Today I wore it with a mint J Crew oxford, Gap selvedge jeans, and (egad) a red-to-rust colored vintage tie featuring ducks (dark tan Levi's belt and matching UO "Hawkings McGill" wingtip boots down below). I realize that is too, too much.

    All I'm looking for is suggestions for how to pull off a cream blazer. Do you have a cream blazer, and if so what have you worn it with? Have you worn it to work or school, or just for dinner? Shirt color, tie color, bottom color?



    That outfit sounds like it had waaaaaaay too many signature pieces. You have to think of an outfit like a musical chord; no single note stands out, it all just blends together.

    Since you're uncomfortable but willing to wear your blazer, I'd team it with jeans, button down in basic colors (white, blue, etc), and brown belt/shoes for a while. Get used to that and get comfortable walking around in that blazer. Once your mind and sense of style are so accustomed it becomes muscle memory, start thinking of different things to put with it, like maybe a bright pocket square or a scarf in the fall/early winter.

    That blazer is going to be your attention piece, no bones about it. So by toning back the rest of the outfit you're basically saying, 'yup, I'm wearing this. But most importantly, I'm having fun with HOW I'm wearing this'.