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Recs for modern brown lace-ups ?

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    Recs for modern brown lace-ups ?

    Hi all,

    I'm in the market for a new pair of brown lace-ups. I'm looking for something fairly durable with a modern, "narrow-looking" shape. Specifically, I'd like the outsole to not extend beyond the perimeter of the insole. I should point out that I'm not looking for shoes for narrow feet. Here are some examples:

    Ted Baker Hake 2

    Kurt Geiger James

    Topman Fiz Smart Pointed

    Notice how you can't really see the outsole if you look at the shoes from above? That's what I'd like! My budget is $150-200ish.



    Does anyone have experience with the Sebago Salems?

    Can't find too many reviews of them online. Bought them from Bonobos and they seem pretty solid -- hard to see the thin rubber soles, comfortable out of the box, but any insights into how do Sebagos fare over time? Can I pull these off with a tan or navy suit?



      For casual or formal wear? If you're just looking for a simple plain toe blucher, you can check out Allen Edmonds Leeds or Kenilworth models.



        Is it me or do all those shoes have a pointy shape to them? Maybe that's what you're going for, but I was just wondering if it was me or not.



          Thanks all! The Salems look nice, although I'm not sure if they're sufficiently formal. Also, they lack a leather sole, but I suppose a good rubber sole is better than a cheap leather one. It's hard to judge from pictures whether the outsoles stick out too much.

          Regarding the images I posted, they are all pretty pointy (the KGs less so), but I'm not committed to that. I chose them to illustrate the outsole issue - I suppose pointy-toed shoes lend themselves to that style. I'm eager to move away from square-toed...

          As for the AEs - my issue with them is that it appears their outsoles stick out quite a bit and they lack the slimmer profile that I'm interested in.

          I'd like to use these shoes in more formal settings (FYI, my office is less formal than most places). I have a pair of brown loafers that I rely on for more casual settings.



            I was actually in the market for a shoe with a slimmer profile because I didn't like how most oxfords gave me a bulbous look. High arches will do that. I've actually been satisfied with the look on the Park Ave. and haven't had any issue.

            Since you are looking for a more modern take, Johnston and Murphy has made some decent bluchers in brown, though the style that I own is no longer available. You can easily find them for the low $100s though I've had some issue with the heel pinching. Get them worn in and you're golden.



              I understand exactly what the OP is looking for because I was looking for it myself a few months ago. What your looking for is a shoe that isn't welted. This means no American/English shoes for you since most are goodyear welted. That prodigious welt that sticks out from the sole is the result of the goodyear welt process.

              What you want is an Italian shoe like Magnanni or Santoni which are Blake stitched (the sole of the shoe is attached to the upper without the use of a welt).

              Here a couple of examples of Magnanni

              Now, these shoes are out of your price range at full price, but constantly show up at Nordstrom Rack and Last Call Neiman Marcus for $150-$200. Keep an eye on Zappos as well; sometime they go on sale. Whatever you do, based on your criteria and the examples you posted, I would highly recommend staying away from Allen Edmonds. They are great high quality shoes, but are not the style you are looking for.



                Wow - thanks! Exactly what I was hoping to find.

                Will keep your advice in mind. Have a Nordstrom Rack nearby that I'll be checking...

                What do you think about the following? Pretty reasonable prices.



                  Bexley has been a source of intrigue for me for quite a while now for two reasons: 1) they make goodyear welted shoes that actually aren't blobby, and 2) are incredibly reasonably priced at 2 pairs for $275.

                  The problem is that there isn't a lot of information or first hand experiences with these shoes on the various style related forums. People seem to indicate they aren't built as well or use as nice of material as some other shoemakers. But for some reason most of those comparisons are to higher end brands like Crockett & Jones that that retail for $500-$600, which doesn't make any sense. The only one that seems to have a significant amount of information is, which is of no use to most of us since it's in French (rightfully so since Bexley is a French company).

                  Honestly I have no answer for you on Bexley since I haven't found and answer for myself. My advice would be this: if this is going to become your primary pair of brown dress shoes, I'd stick with ones you can go see and try on in person. Wait to take a gamble on shoes like Bexley once you have a nice pair of shoes you can fall back on in the event you have to ship your order back to Europe.



                    Good advice - thanks.

                    Any other brands to look out for?