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    i'm here.

    However, wholesale nhl jerseys Dave is the most happy is today's news conference to ' show '! Aston Villa and how? Also not be our stomp on foot? Think of here, Dave appeared on his face that kind of narcissistic smile. To see his smile, next to the players immediately far step aside, they know the boss, when he exposed the smile, don't disturb him, otherwise will be the whole miserable!

    " Thank you, me and other people or some gaps, later more to learn! " Although Dave praise pleased, but Wang Li is still very modest, in England for a few months, he still can't change that Chinese polite ways of speaking.

    From the new opening, nfl jerseys wholesale Aston Villa players seem to be that ball stunned, no play, the Wulf Hampton players also music so, in two team player understanding, a few minutes passed quickly.

    Seeing this, the referee Hersi understanding only when filling a minute, he blew the whistle to end the game.

    To win the next game, excited Dave this time to take Wang Li to attend the press conference after the game, this time he showed very good, finally the goal, is entirely a personal strength reflect, England really needs the young technical genius, if still refused to give any interviews to reporters, even in English the FA will be to press club.

    Dave turned to have a look behind the black boy, nfl jerseys authentic but can not see his face with any tension, heart on his thumbs up! To know that he is only 16 years old, in this atmosphere still take did not show a tiny bit of tension, it is praiseworthy for one's excellent conduct.

    " Excuse me, Mr. Dave, for Alan in this game, you also satisfied? Why would you trust this year only 16 year-old rookie, even let him as a starter? " Two people just sit down, a reporter asked unable to hold oneself back.

    " Alan of the game is also played their own level only, in peacetime training, he performed very well too, so I didn't trust him. I for the player's age, qualifications are not very important, as long as the good of course should be reused. " Paused, he had some good continued: "I see people 's eyes is very accurate, when he came to Wulf Hampton at the time, I am very optimistic about him, and before long, he will succeed, when jos ... ... Mark. Youth team coach Woodgate ... ... "

    The reporter, nfl jerseys cheap many people have their ears to drain Dave a long and minute statement, they too know Dave, except for the first part is the answer, the other is but his blow one's own horn, which obviously does not offer them any help.

    " Hello, Alan, I am the Sun newspaper, you in the winter transfer period will not consider to Manchester United or A Senna? It is said that you are holding a youth contract only, this obviously does not meet you on the pitch. " In Dave's a long and minute statement finally ended, most journalists put the microphone to Wang Li's side, they have not reported any hope of Dave.