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The audience shouts

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    The next Nobel Prize in Literature?

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    started a topic The audience shouts

    The audience shouts

    Drop! Lee Immersió referee whistle, nfl jerseys authentic? the first time lay the basketball pass beyond the arc step.

    Lee Immersió just received a basketball Mike Bibby will quickly posted up, his hands constantly dancing ready a hidden little trick to Lee Immersió to

    This time, Lee Immersió and not quickly throw off Mike Bibby. In the case of the remaining 14 seconds, but bent over a leisurely doing a variety of crossovers.

    Josh Smith is due near the free-throw line at any time to pay attention to side action Lee Immersió move baffled when Lee Immersió sudden, quick acceleration ...... Whoosh! Defense simply bypassing the of Mike Bibby color Li within the crop is even easier than breathing.

    Had lost Mike Bibby, Josh Smith hastened the **** his legs to move the center of gravity, all the defensive attention on Lee Immersió body.


    When he thought Lee Guan Yu will continue to force a breakthrough, Lee Immersió sudden emergency stop. He quickly let go of defensive paste want homeopathic paste dead Lee Immersió.

    Li Immersió Seeing mouth with a hidden angle slightly upward - this guy finally fooled.

    4000 words tomorrow to make up to six thousand, wholesale jerseys from china?call Paul at the end of monthly passes, I will come before the classification six - this is the biggest ambition of this month.

    Recommended a song, Avril children e! V

    One hundred and twenty nine chapters: SHOig!

    Sad reminder last night actually issued repeated a few hundred words. I really did not mean to, because I used the dark room codeword software, so before all accumulated with last night busy confused accidentally Note that there is no dividing line. Hey, this chapter more than make a few hundred words! When as compensation for the mistake last night.

    Josh Smith pounced to open arms the moment, Guan Yu suddenly a horse stance came forward, the ball right wrist handbooks Yidou. Basketball disappears begins with the line of sight of Josh Smith, Josh Smith Seeing quickly want to pursue basketball back track.

    But this time, the fans in the audience do not inhibit issued exclaimed sound.

    Because basketball never left Josh Smith's body above the cylinder, Lee Immersió just basketball came from his armpit, and then return to their own hands in his head across a wonderful arc.

    Basketball back to the hands of time, Josh Smith has to go back, he tried to search for basketball depart, totally do not know that they have to be played out.

    Josh Smith is confused and disoriented, the Lee Immersió and did not take the opportunity to shoot. But remind Josh Smith: "Hey, man, do not look for a ball in here."

    Josh Smith hear quickly come back to see basketball as magic in the hands of Lee Immersió could not help but stunned - he is not a basketball spread out you? How will reappear in his hand? Is he what magic fails?

    Josh Smith puzzled, Lee Guan Yu suddenly wrist suddenly flick off bore shells, basketball Josh Smith's side of the trunk galloped ...

    Seeing Josh Smith, do not move a mountain. Hearts clung to a belief - I will not be fooled again, I do not fall in the same pit twice idiot.

    And while he adhere to the hearts of beliefs, the the Lee Immersió calf stretch, with a maximum speed sprint towards the restricted area away ...


    Heavy hit in the basketball backboard, wholesale nfl jerseys? followed by a huge rebound resulting in its rapid rotation from back. Do not know because the confidence or what, Pachulia actually leaping attempt to take off the fingertips of the basketball, So he Shenchangshoubi to quickly bounce, Lee Immersió Rulangsihu forget that this time The fills forces ready to be vacated.


    Of Pachulia hard straight fingertips can only feel the basketball and galloped off whistling wind.


    Li Immersió hostage huge explosive body heavy crash on weak footing Pachulia, who, by Pachulia hit quickly subconscious squat waist go ......

    Pachulia squatting waist immediately buffer the Lee Immersió originally was the whereabouts of the body, at the same time, Lee Immersió straight left hand firmly holding the rebound from the basketball ...


    Lee Immersió roar soon the spine broke out explosive wave of Tough matchless the left received this explosive, such as hair immediately to the basket hit go wild ...... H!

    Basket scream in pain, as if for crotch Lee Immersió's Zaza Pachulia surrender Declaration.


    Under the leadership of the live DJ, American Airlines Center Arena sounded the uniform leakage * Point cry.

    The audience shouts, Li Immersió gently the release basket embarrassed Pachulia do not know when to flee from the crotch baskets.

    Bared! Proud the immortal second generation with printed Heat team logo on the floor close contact.

    Lee Immersió beat twice chest, right index finger pointing to the sky is blocked, shouted: "shoing!!!"

    Li Immersió this roar, authentic jerseys wholesale?and again for the American Airlines Center Arena combustion leakage * point again add a firewood. All fans are vapid throat scrapped the mood applaud Lee Immersió.