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max you would pay for used pair of Allen Edmonds on eBay

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    How can you tell when the soles are too worn to be worthwhile?

    5'8" 155 lbs 39" chest 33" sleeves 33" waist



      When the stitching has started to dissappear:

      on the Leeds I bought, stitching still solid, and these are double soled shoes:



        Payed $40 for black Fairfaxes, $50 for chili Randolphs, $80 for burgundy Van Ness and $115 for (basically new) black MacAllisters.



          The most I've paid is ~$140 with shipping, however as far as i could tell they looked like they had been worn once, maybe twice and weren't seconds. Otherwise $60 is the max I've paid for obviously worn but still in good condition.



            I have bought too pairs of Allen Edmonds on Ebay. The first was a pair of Verano bitloafers. Marked as used but when I got them they were brand new. Paid $100 for that pair. The second pair was the Chester wingtips. They were only $36.



              Just got in my black tassel loafs. Overall I'd say it was a wash in terms of a deal. The outside leather looks amazing. Can tell they've been used, but it has that distinct AE leather look and the previous owner took care of them. Soles look a little worn though, and they feel worn on the left shoe. At $30 can't complain though.



                and you can always recraft, make them like new!



                  I bought a pair of Chesters for $65 (shipped) that had just been recrafted. They look brand new. I'm quite happy with them. I have a $75 max, including shipping.

                  Countryside Man of Letters



                    I've bought from the "Hitch-n-Post" ebay store before. I'm not sure exactly where they get their stuff but a lot of them seem to be AE seconds, floor models that have minimal shop wear, or perhaps returns that were accepted after a couple of wears. Of course some are fairly worn, but I've found them to be a good ebay seller to purchase AEs from.




                      Vicious - I am a 9.5E in both PA and strands.

                      For the mctavish I sized down to a 9E because the rough collection fits more loosely



                        Just as a heads up, if anyone is looking for AE's on discount, I have these brand new pairs available for sale:

                        AE Park Avenue, black, 8D (brand new in box, factory firsts) - $220

                        AE Park Avenue, black, 11.5D (brand new in box, factory firsts) - $220

                        AE Strand, walnut, 11.5D (brand new in box, factory firsts) - $220 - pending sale

                        Keep in mind that if your size is just slightly different, you could probably bring them into an AE store and swap them out for free! (This trick would also apply to eBay sales if you can get them unworn)



                          Got this for 100 bucks. Its on the high end for used shoes, but this pair is either overstock, store display/try-on, or a return (used less than a handful of times) so I felt good about it.