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Shoe Cleanout! Allen Edmonds and Ecco

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    Shoe Cleanout! Allen Edmonds and Ecco

    Hey guys. I have a couple extra pairs of shoes that need to go, so hopefully a fellow big footed member on here can enjoy them. Here are my guidelines.

    Prices listed are shipped in CONUS.

    Only potential trade bait would be AE Daltons or Park Avenues in size 13D.

    I don't have much feedback on here, but check out my profiles on eBay, NikeTalk, SoleCollector, GolfWRX, and SoftballFans. Between those sites, I have 500+ feedback, all 100% positive.

    My PayPal is [email protected] . First to send the payment wins the prize!

    1. Allen Edmonds Essex Penny Loafers. Cordovan color. Size 13C. Used but in very good condition. I bought these thinking I could get away with a 13C, but they're too narrow. Just trying to get my money back. $65

    2. Ecco Miami (their top of the line dress shoe). Size 45 (fits like a 13 due to the bicycle toe). Used but in very good condition. After getting some AE laceups a few months back, these are never worn. Retailed for $250+, asking $75.

    I'd also take $125 if someone wants both pairs. That's less than half either of them cost new!

    Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks guys!


    What's the with on the Eccos?



      The Ecco's are normal (D/M) width.



        You've a deal on the Eccos. Now I got to figure that paypal thing out! Just send me a note in the box as a receipt. I like to keep track of my spending!




          PayPal is pretty easy. Just sign up (if you're not already), confirm you account, and then send the payment for $75 (or $125 if you want both pairs) to the email I listed above. They make it easy for you.



            You should already have payment.



              Payment received. Thank you Andrew! I'll try to ship them out in the morning, but the latest they would go out is Tuesday morning. Either way, I will send you the delivery confirmation number afterwards.

              Eccos are SOLD! Allen Edmonds loafers are still available.



                Andrew, the Ecco's were shipped this morning. You should've received an email from PayPal with the delivery confirmation number. Enjoy them!

                Somebody needs these Allen Edmonds loafers.



                  Do you normally wear a D in the AE? I have a pretty standard foot and don't want to pull the trigger and have the same issue that you did!

                  My side "job"
                  Simple, elegant, pocket squares and ties



                    I do. I think my issue with these was due to my insole. I have to wear insoles for ankle pronation (rolling in) which causes me to lose a little space inside... due to these being marginally narrower than normal width, there wasn't enough room.

                    If you don't have insole issues and a normal width foot, these should work great for you!



                      Price drop on the AE loafers to $60

                      Andrew you know you need these! They'll fit you well as long as you don't need to add an extra insole.



                        Hmm I'm normally a 13D though I've never worn AEs. Do you think without the insoles you would have been okay in the 13C?



                          Absolutely. The difference between c and d width is small. I just need the insoles or else I get shin splints.



                            Would it be possible to see an above view of the shoe?



                              I can take one after work if you need it, but assure you the insides and top look great... near mint.