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Shoe bags

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  • JT10000

    I used shoe bags for years for athletic shoes - to keep the dirt off them clean in my travel bag. A nice rubberized cordura stuff sack that fit a pair.

    Then started using them for dress shoes and realized the shoes were scuffing each other. So for dress shoes I think you need two smaller bags, or be willing to put each shoe inside a plastic bag or cloth bag so they don't scuff.

    If a bag was really snug you might be able to just place the shoes sole-to-sole to avoid scuffing, though if they shifted position they might scuff a lot, so I haven't risked this.

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  • JDL
    started a topic Shoe bags

    Shoe bags

    Can anyone make any recommendations for shoe bags? Advice from a seasoned traveler is preferred. Function is more important than form, but I'll take both if I can get them