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AE Kenilworths - heel slippage

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    AE Kenilworths - heel slippage

    Just tried on my new AE Kenilworth's in 9.5D (sized down from 10D, which were ridiculously big), and while the width is OK, there's heel slippage. I tried tightening up the laces, but after around 10 steps or so, the heel slippage comes back.

    Should I:

    1. Exchange for a 9.5E (which is what the AE customer service rep suggested some time ago, although I'm not sure how that resolves the heel slippage issue)

    2. Exchange for a 9.0D.

    3. Exchange for a 9.0E.

    4. Forget about them?


    I've read that due to the 3 eyelets heel slipping

    occurs as well as the welt needing to break in.

    - What I do is wear them around the house w/ carpet for a few days to see if the heel slipping stops.

    - w/ the 9.5 do you still have room in toe box? if so then sizing down to a 9 should still give you enough room in the toe box length wise. if the heel slip is still there after a few days of carpet wear then I would try #4.

    - another thing to try is wear the shoes at different times ie morning, after lunch and in the evening to see if your feet swells and affects the issue.



      @Gabe: Have you had issue with bowing on the kenilworth? Had to return the pair I bought on Amazon a couple of weeks ago because of it (width was just a bit tight, but that bowing was distracting). It seems to be an issue with that model.



        @Mixto - I had read pretty extensively about the bowing problem as well on the Kenilworth's; as soon as I get a pair that fits properly (a big IF), I'm going to see if it has bowing and report back on this thread.



          @Gabe: I tried on several sizes of the kenilworth and gave up. AE's don't fit me the greatest in general, but the kenilworth in particular was too loose in the heel for me in any size that I could try.

          I'd say your best but would be to try a 9E. (It'll be one size down in length which should help heel slippage, but the extra width will be needed to keep your toe box area from being too cramped). You'll probably also have to tighten the laces.

          I dunno - the Kenilworth is kind of a boring shoe anyway, so I just decided to look for something similar.



            @Zero - Yeah, I hear you man. I am trying a 9D and as a last resort, a 9E. I'm prepared to give up on them because as you said, it's not a particularly awe-inspiring styled shoe (although the rather conservative design is what I'm looking for).



              Hey fellas - soooo, after a couple of exchanges and doing a fair and proper fit test - I'm returning these things and forgetting about them

              The latest pair I have is a 9D, and frankly, it fits in terms of length and width (no heel slippage). However, the bowing in the middle part of each shoe, as pointed out in these threads as well as on the AE website (Kenilworth comments) is absolutely true. The bowing (sorry, no pics this time) is actually pretty ridiculous. There's probably a good 1/2 to 3/4" gap with the bowing. I completely believe the bowing has to do with the fact that there's only 3 lace eyelets. Had it been 4-5, I don't think the bowing would have been there (or at least very minimized). I have a couple of pair of Banana Republic bluchers that have a min of 4 eyelets, and no bowing to be found.

              I really wanted to love you, AE Kenilworth's, but you let me down : (