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AE Strand defect

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    AE Strand defect

    After what seems like a year of deliberation, I finally joined the Allen Edmonds club today. The issue is that there's a little nick in the heel where it meets the leather - any recommendations on how to best hide this defect?

    Any help would be really appreciated, thanks guys.


    shallyboy, can you draw a red circle around it or something? I don't know where I should look for the defect.



      It looks like no big deal to me. Soles get beat up eventually anyways. With a shoe like the strand nobody is looking at where the heel meets the shoe.

      "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



        I would not care about that, no one will ever notice it.



          shallyboy - from my experience, that is not a defect. That "nick" is present on almost every Allen Edmonds oxford and is part of the construction. Sometimes it is a slightly protruding and sometimes it is slightly recessed. I have seen multiple styles and pairs (Strand, 5th avenue, Park avenue, Vernon, etc...) that all have that detail, so I wouldn't consider it a defect unless the size of it is larger than usual.

          as far as hiding the defect, you could use some heel/sole dressing potentially to take care of it, perhaps?



            90Shilling is spot on. This is not a defect.



              As stated above, almost all AE shoes have this on the inside welt. Not a defect.

              If that's the only "problem" you see, you're VERY lucky. I've looked through dozens of pairs of AE shoes lately, and they have all kinds of issues:

              - wrinkled/distressed leather where it should be smooth (very common, especially on the sides)

              - serious bowing out near the ankle

              - the attached broguing/wingtip jagged edges that aren't glued down properly

              - mismatched colors of shoes (I had a pair that were WAY off).

              IMO, Allen Edmonds quality control is pretty awful from the sample size I've seen. The customers service is great and you can exchange them, but for $220 shoes on sale you're pretty much getting what you pay for.

              I can't really say anything bad about the company because I've managed to get what I need, but it took a LOT of time and exchanges. I'm not exactly a picky customer, either, especially compared to styleforum types.



                Thanks for the responses guys! You all rock. I'll consider myself lucky, that was the only noticeable imperfection on them.

                Again, thanks.



                  Hi all, I recently pulled the trigger on factory seconds for the AE walnut strand during the rediscover america sale, and it appears that i might have won the "spot the defect" game... Thought it would make the most sense to add to this thread instead of starting another one with likely the same title.

                  Would like to get your opinion on whether this defect is worth exchanging for another pair. I'm honestly on the fence. The defect is on the outside of the left shoe, and it is a darkened horizontal crease right above the broguing, as well as some light wrinkles in the leather panel.

                  Zoomed out view of left shoe (defect is present but not immediately obvious)

                  Zoomed in view of the right shoe (with NO defects)

                  Zoomed in view of the left shoe (with defect)

                  What do y'all think? Keep or exchange? This is my first time trying AE factory seconds, so I'm not sure what is acceptable. From searching the forum, I know that some other folks have had some pretty obvious defects.



                    shilling - I think that if the fit is great then those are minor issues that you have spotted. Once you start to break them in there will be creases & any minor issues such as a darkened crease would be masked by a few coats of polish.

                    I pair of strands that I received awhile ago had one of the medallions not centered on the cap so I sent those back - and they were firsts



                      Excuse me if I am mistaken, but isn't the point that factory seconds have minor defects? That's why they're seconds. I think those a pretty damn fine looking pair for seconds.

                      How much did they set you back and how do you get ahold of seconds on the sale?



                        Keep them! Walnut seconds usually look a little bit like that. Strangely I've been able to resist the strands until I saw your pics... now I really want a pair!



                          @margotron - call the shoe bank and tell them what shoe & size your looking for

                          shoe bank #: 262-284-7158 I think the strands are <$250ish??



                            @itsm3json - the fit is great, and i was hoping somebody would confirm that the defect would be masked after some normal wear/use.

                            @margotron - Ny understanding is that usually with factory seconds the defect should not be blatantly (or even benignly) obvious. As far as how I scored them, I called the shoe bank that itsm3json posted and asked if they had any factory seconds available. The walnut strand was $199, with free shipping. They would also pay for return shipping, so I thought it was a win-win to give it a shot.

                            @LosRockets - Thanks for the feedback, glad to know that these aren't out of the norm. And I was in the same boat, no interest in getting walnut Strands for the past 2-3 years until the past couple of months, when I finally fell in love.



                              Awesome, if the shoe fits great then you have a winner

                              - i'm thinking of ordering a pair of walnut dalton boots...