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    Ray-Ban alternatives

    Anyone have a good clone option for the Ray-Ban Caravan?


    Tons of options from American Optical! Can even get polarized and for alot cheaper than Ray-Ban. Ive had a pair all summer and love them!



      Do you mean a cheaper alternative? Or are you just not a Ray-Ban person for another reason?



        +1 for American Optical. I've had a pair since mid-summer and have been happy with them.

        You may need to mess with the nose pieces a bit to get the best fit, but that's no big deal.



          Lotta people get Knockarounds as knock off Ray-Bans. Few friends have the New Way farer style ones and they are not too bad for the price. The Mile Highs are pretty much exact replicas of the Caravans



            If it's the price you're worried about, you can get them for pretty cheap on Bluefly by using this dailycandy deal and various promo codes.


            From pensotroppo on the deal sticky:

            "Bluefly is having a deal where the following coupons, even though they're not supposed to stack, actually do:

            You can buy a $150 voucher for $75 on (Use code DCBLUE to save an additional $10) .

            Sign up for Bluefly's email list to get 25% off your purchase.

            Use code THIRTYOFF to get $30 off $150.

            So you can, in theory get $240 worth of merchandise for $65.

            I recommend you look around and make sure that have that much merchandise in your size before you bite."



              I got some aviators from Sunhouse. The style is right on in my opinion. I feel like the quality is good but not great. They are polarized, and $60 from a local Solstice.



                I have the AO Original Pilots that were mentioned above and I love them. They are well made in USA. I also purchased them from Optics Planet and I highly recommend that store.



                  Hooray! I'm helping!

                  I've gotta give a +1 to AO. Just got frames in this week and gotten a lot of compliments on them. Here's a $5 coupon to opticsplanet:

                  $5 off $50 w/ code: KSDF15ASD6Z