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    Items to pair with Navy Suit

    So as it's my junior year of college, I've got my school's big career/internship fair coming up on the 20th, then followed by (hopefully) interviews with prospective employers 1-3 weeks later. I have the navy Thompson suit and I'm looking for shirt/tie combos that would go well with it. Obviously white shirts are a no-brainer, but past that, I'm clueless. Given that I've just changed degrees to Business IT, I imagine most, if not all of the companies will expect a more conservative style.

    Here is my current tie arsenal. Up until this point, I've been wearing ties maybe 3x a year so I've never had a reason to get many. It's hard to tell, but all the way to the left is black with a textured pattern to it. The ladyfriend liked the center tie with the suit, but I wasn't sure about a navy on navy?

    My basic question is, what can I put together with the options I have now, and what ties/shirts can I look to add for more looks, so I don't go to each interview exactly the same.


    I like #3 or #4. The navy plaid is a cool pattern but conservative in colors. The red isn't too bright, but fairly conservative. They're also slightly slimmer, which is more modern. (That depends on body type, though niether is too forward/skinny for an interview.)

    Definitely not black with the navy suit.



      The dotted red one is probably the most classic to pair with navy. A dark red with a navy suit is a very good and conservative look. You can add in a yellow tie, or mix it up with pocket squares. Maybe some different shirts as well: a light blue, a gingham, a windowpane are all good options.



        @tarmac Haha, I knew enough not to go with the black, I just figured I might as well put in my whole collection. I honestly got that 5 years ago and have yet to take the tag off it.

        @thmage What color gingham would you suggest? Also, can light purples go well with navy? I've had my eye on the purple microcheck-thingy at Target for a bit. If so, again what ties to pair with them? I usually like the look of light-colored shirts paired with a darker same-color tie, but with the suit I wonder if that would look odd?

        Sadly, this is my method of procrastination for my reading. Cart before horse achieved.



          I think a light purple would probably work, as would blue or black. As for tie color, I dunno, but orange seems to come up a bit on google image searches.



            Conservative style shirts = stick to plains or subtle patterns and textures. Plain blue shirts, perhaps some with subtle texture (I like end-on-end), and 'micro' patterned shirts. Plain fabrics or those with subtle texture mean you *probably* don't have to worry about your tie pattern clashing with your shirt.

            I'd say you're on the right track with the ties but I suck at ties.



              If I had to suggest one from your current line up I'd go with that red one with the small rectangles paired with a white or light blue shirt. Just the fact that you have stuff that fits and I assume not square toed dress shoes, you'll be ahead of 90% of the people at that fair in terms of style.



                A thin tattersall shirt is a great way to add a little something extra to your suit. The pattern is subtle enough that it will go with almost any tie.



                  3 and 4 definitely.

                  Good advice here.

                  Some other colors to, light purple (as mentioned), light blue, orange, and my personal favorite, yellow. I think a yellow tie looks just outstanding with a classic navy suit and white or blue shirt.

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