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What Tie Should I Wear with That?

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    What Tie Should I Wear with That?

    Hey all - having recently become addicted to the wonders of $15 ties from The Tie Bar, I'm looking to find a few new finding the "perfect" tie to go with a few of my most worn combinations. I find that 2.5" is the perfect width for me. But anyways, I feel like it could be kindof cool seeing what ties people come up with.

    So my question to you all, is WHAT TIE SHOULD I WEAR WITH THAT? (Feel free to add your own combination questions...) The point isn't to buy ties that I would ONLY wear with these combos, just ties that really rock with my favorite combos, but that I could wear with other stuff, too.

    1. Slim (Bonobos 'Chino Grigio') Charcoal Chinos, Pinpoint Lavender Shirt, Brown Belt and Shoes, Navy Blazer (or in a casual setting, navy or grey v neck). I'm thinking something navy, but a solid navy tie just looks too plain...

    2. Slim (Bonobos) Khaki Chinos, French Blue Shirt, Brown Belt and Shoes, Navy Blazer. I'm thinking add some color...?

    3. Dark Denim, Pinpoint White Shirt, Slim Black Quarter-Zip, Black Belt and Sambas (I.E. my standard "night out" fare.) I have totally no clue what to add here...

    4. Dark Denim, Blue OCBD, Ocean-Blue Henley Sweater, Brown Shoes and Belt. Again, no clue...

    Thanks in advance, you guys rock...


    1. Navy polka dot, eggplant polka dot, or navy knit polka dot or even navy with pink stripes.

    Still thinking about the others...



      1. Casual option or Formal option

      2. Finish off the college look or Add some color with a pocket square

      3. Option 1 or Option 2 or Option 3

      4. The options I outlined for #3 could work here too.

      There are so many options on that site. Your possibilities are endless. These are just a few ideas.



        Navy pindot, navy pindot, and navy pindot.

        You think I'm kidding, but I'm really not.

        Everyone is different, but for me, I found that wearing ties five days a week has left me valuing more conservative ties, not a wider variety of colors and patterns. Navy pindot, solid charcoal, charcoal and burgundy and navy striped. My most "boring" ties got the most wear because they go with just about everything - and "boring" or not, they just look good.

        It's hard to go wrong with navy, charcoal, and burgundy. Subtle variations, like stripes or pindots, are optional. They are dark enough and neutral enough to complement nearly any shirt and jacket combo.




          Here are my thoughts.

          1. Navy Gingham

          2. Wool Stripe - Red

          3. Cotton Eggplant Polkadot

          4. Burgundy/Navy Knit Tie



            I agree with The BenR.



              Navy pindot options:



    ,en_US,pd.html ($40)

              CT ($49)


     productId=12959925&flashCol=Navy&isFlash=true&larg eImage ($195)