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Wilsons Leather Cycle Jacket

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    Wilsons Leather Cycle Jacket

    So I've been looking for a leather jacket with a certain look to it. I've seen it in movies and TV shows before but didn't know what the style was called. I came across this today...

    <a HREF="">

    Black Rivet Leather Cycle Jacket</a>

    and this

    Primer Magazine Cycle Jacket

    Does anyone have any experience with this item? With the 30% off and free shipping it comes to $174.99 for a great looking leather jacket.


    I've seen it in real life, and the fit is kind of on the traditional side even when I sized down. The jacket is also really heavy. It didn't impress me.



      I see. Well if anyone knows of a slimmer or more flattering alternative feel free to post. I read elsewhere that others found it to be a bit boxy.



        As a whole, Wilson Leather has been known to use some really thick leather. Neither a pro nor a con, simply an observation.

        Definitely feels like it should last you a while (and according to the article, they know what they are doing since they have been around for such a long time) but on the other hand, takes a while for the leather to become soft and supple.

        I personally have a Wilson Leather jacket. Heavy SOB, and I agree, a traditional cut. But I still like it. Still hanging on for about 4 years now. Not my go to jacket, since its not as comfortable, but I have it in rotation.

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