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AE Dalton - Need sizing help

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    AE Dalton - Need sizing help

    Hey all you Dalton owners...did you order your normal size (and by normal, I mean your size for most companies, not just AE)?

    This is my first AE purchase. I am typically a 13D, and so that's what I ordered, but they feel a bit long (I can slide my toes up to the front, leaving a good index finger width's worth of space at the back). I then tried both a 12D and 12E, which don't cramp my toes length-wise, but are all wrong otherwise (in the arch and toe box). The only other option is a custom order 12.5D, which is more expensive and unreturnable, so I feel some trepidation there.

    My main concern is my heel slipping in the 13D, but I can't really tell if they will without going out on the town in them.

    Any advice is appreciated!


    I'm usually a 10D but all my AE shoes are 9.5d, including the Dalton. Also, the Dalton was my first AE shoe/boot that fit super comfortable out the box. So, I guess the Last that the Dalton is built on is perfect for my feet. Have you been to an AE store to get measured? They should be able to help you determine your correct size.



      I went to the AE store in Costa Mesa and got fitted as a 10D (my feet range from 9.5>>>10 in my array of dress shoes. I'd go the custom route if you really want the boots and are confident that 12.5D will fit you perfectly (since they're not returnable).



        Thanks guys. Gabe, I actually went to that same store, and had a strange experience...the sales person did not want to measure my feet! I even asked a couple times. They just wanted me to try on the 12, and when that didn't fit right, said I should order the 13. Since it's about a 1.5 hour drive, I was / am a bit annoyed about it, especially since they tout it as part of the experience on their site.

        I do really want the boots (they are amazing), but am not at all confident that 12.5 is 'the one', especially after feeling how different the 12's fit me and are shaped in contrast to the 13. Thus my angst

        On a side note, I was surprised to see that the color of the 12E I just received is noticeably lighter than the 13D (both are in chocolate). Not sure which I prefer.



          So weird they wouldn't measure you! I'm not familiar with the last but it sounds like the 12.5 may be what you need. Here is some info on sizing from the AE website. You can extrapolate from your fit how other sizes may work on your feet. Maybe a 12EEE?

          Allen Edmonds shoes come in lengths from 6-16. Each half size increases by approximately one-sixth of an inch and each full size increases by one-third of an inch. The widths of Allen Edmonds shoes range from AAA, the narrowest width, to EEE, the widest width, with a D width considered medium. Technically speaking, each width increases by approximately three-sixteenths of an inch in total girth.

          Dress for style, live for results.



            @LewisHollow - Lewis - I am a little shocked the salesperson didn't want to measure you. Call the store and ask to speak to James, the manager (unless of course he was the one who assisted you that day). I also made the 90 minute trek (from San Diego) and there's no way I would have just tried on random sizes of shoes without getting measured first.



              Yeah, it was quite strange. I was in a bit of a hurry, so I didn't press them on it as I probably should have. I think I was a bit startled because their site says it's a key / normal part of the experience. Gabe, thanks for the manager info...that's not who I dealt with, so good to know.

              Someone I spoke to on the phone at their main office mentioned the idea of trying another shoe that's made on the same last and that already exists in 12.5. She mentioned the Leeds and the Wilbert. What do you guys think? Have you had any experience trying two (very) different shoes made on the same last? I'm just not sure how comparable it'll be since neither are like the Daltons in any way aside from the last. But maybe that's enough.



                That's really crazy that they didn't measure your feet, I had mine(both) measured, it took around two minutes(which is a lengthy time, but well worth it).

                Honestly, every time I've been to an AE store, service has been amazing.(Though Paul, the CEO, was there twice. Really nice guy.)

                That said, if I were you I would call James, explain the situation, and subtly recommend that they allow you to order the 12.5 with the ability for a return. I can't imagine it being a problem, a 12.5 doesn't seem like an uncommon size..



                  I'm an 11E and bought an 11.5B since it was cheap. Should not have. Really tight in the toes, but I tough it out.