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    black boots

    black boots - is there a place for them in a wardrobe?

    i saw these on primer today (didnt know harley davidson made boots): creativeASIN=B0057D5XG6&linkCode=as2&tag=primer05-20

    also saw these two on nordstrom:

    diesels s

    red wings s

    cole haan - with these i'm thinking that pants would cover that plaid pattern s



    To me black boots remind me too much of combat boots. I have a pair of black dress shoes I rarely wear. How often would I wear black boots (Hint: Never) But I can see them working if that's your thing.

    Those Cole Haan's are ewww. The Harley Davidson's look nice but aren't made very well.

    Dress for style, live for results.



      I have a nice pair of black hiking boots. In fact, they're the best (i.e., most functional) hiking boots I've ever owned:

      The few times I've worn them in a non-hiking context, they've been noticed and complimented (by a barber and a lady who may have been delivering sarcasm)...but in my view, they're probably the worst-looking footwear I own.

      Some of the classic boots most often cited on this site are available in black. To wit:


      But honestly, I'm with tomservo. To me, even the nicest black boots out there invariably evoke bikers and/or combat.



        I own these, and love them:

        Yes, they have a hint of combat bootishness, but with a pair of cuffed, dark wash jeans, they look pretty badass IMHO. I bust them out once every couple weeks and always enjoy wearing them.

        However, I prefer brown wingtip boots any day of the week.