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    Old Navy-Slim Is In

    Old Navy has released a slim-fit line of clothing. I haven't tried anything (though may have to check it out soon), but it looks like they've got few button-ups, t-shirts, chinos and jeans.

    Check it out:


    "Close but not constricting...and totally cool!" lol.

    I like those striped v-necks. Wait for them to dip below $10.



      Yeah, that's a bit high for an ON v-neck. I've never spent more than 6.



        Yeah. You can get solid v's for a lot cheaper, but I don't usually see stripes or patterns on them.



          Only took them more than half a decade...

          Jokes aside, I'm glad they went through with it. At Oakridge Mall in San Jose, they released a few of their slim fit shirts. In my usual ON size they really, truly are slim. Sadly, they disappeared for a good half a year. I guess they were using that store for a trial run since none of the other stores in the area carried the slim fit line.

          Now, the problem is not that they're not slim, but rather that they have no shape. It's straight down from armpit to hip.



            Yea.. I got excited when I saw their slim fit tattersall shirt online (can't find it now), so I went to the store to see how they fit.

            They didn't have the tattersall pattern, but I tried a few of the others on. Generally, I can squeeze my chest and shoulders in smalls in old navy stuff, though mediums fit better in those areas. The waist is still a bit baggy in most smalls, but passable. For comparative purposes, I have a 41-42 in chest and 33-34 inch waist.

            Their new slim fit shirts didn't seem any more trim in the waist region to me, but were DEFINITELY more trim in the shoulders and chest. I could barely get the chest area buttoned up, and I couldn't lift my arms in the smalls. Mediums were perfect in the chest and shoulders, but way baggy at the waist.

            As previously said, they have no taper at the waist. They aren't worth a trip, in my opinion, if you have a drop from your chest to waist.