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AE Dalton vs Wolverine 1000

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    @itsm3json - I usually wear a dress shirt (2 ply cotton, mostly from Hugh and Crye). The combo of Dalton's + dress shirt + dark denim + blazer = WIN.



      For the AE Dalton owners;

      What size did you get of your Dalton?

      I wear a 10D. Did you size up, did you size down, did you stay the same? Typically with boots, a good rule of thumb is to size down half a size, however the customer service rep on the AE chat said to size up half a size. So I figured I would go to the people who own the boots to find out.



        Grenson Fred V's have been on my list of wants for a loooooong time.



          @Ryan - I'm typically a 10D in oxfords but measured out at 9.5D in the Daltons. Fits perfectly.



            boot fanatic here. Daltons are a good choice, but as a man with many boots, I find myself going to simpler boots more than I go to wingtips/dressier boots.

            I end up wearing the 1000 mile boots a lot, as well as some old beat up moto-style boots. After those I probably wear some suede chukkas then LLBean allagash bison chukkas, THEN wingtip boots (not daltons, but similar)

            I suppose in the end it all comes down to where you live, and what your personal style is. I still find wingtip boots to be relatively versitile and usually end up wearing them with jeans and more smart-casual clothing versus suits and business clothing.

            Another favorite was the LLBean hawthorne, but I don't believe they make them anymore




              I think I personally would get more use out of the Dalton.



                Well there's something else to consider with leather-soled boots. While they look great (and I would like to have a pair), they're going to be hell in snow and rainy weather. And any salt picked up from the ground will really hurt them (possibly permanently). Coincidentally, that's precisely the weather that boots are often worn in. So in that regard, rubber soles are nice.

                That being said, I really do like the Daltons and I wouldn't mind having them as a second pair, but they would not be my FIRST pick (though ONLY for practicality reasons)... That's what my Bayfields are for. ;-)



                  Wolverine 1000 Miles are the single greatest article of clothing I've ever purchased. Versatile, tough, beautiful, classy, all in one package. I've had more compliments on those boots than any footwear I've ever owned. They require regular upkeep and resoling, but otherwise they'll last you a lifetime.

                  Oh, and did I mention, they're ridiculously comfortable? I walk about 50 miles a week in mine from spring-autumn and have never had a blister or sore feet. Love these boots.



                    Speaking of Wolverine 1000's, check out these puppies:


                    If only I were a size 9 with a slightly larger right foot. :-P



                      I have the redwing Beckman and couldnt be happier with the quality and style.




                        Good point on the no-break with boots. I feel like I can wear my otherwise too short pants with boots like the Dalton and look perfect when it would look like a pair of high-waters with shoes.



                          I was at Nordstrom the other day looking for a pair of gray sneakers, and while waiting to try on a pair, I happened to look over at the boots, I finally saw the Wolverine 1000 in person and they will be the pair of boots I buy eventually. IMO they are much better looking than the AE Daltons which I actually tried on last March and returned. I just wasn't blown away like Joe and a lot of other readers are by them. I did not try on the 1000 yet for comfort, but just on looks alone I'm sold. They look perfect for use with jeans, which is the only purpose for which I would use boots.