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AE Dalton vs Wolverine 1000

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    AE Dalton vs Wolverine 1000

    Not that I'm in the market for either necessarily, but maybe something I save up for in the future, What do you guys think, especially those who have invested in a pair. Thanks

    The Dalton 0&fashionColor=&resultback=100

    The Wolverine 1000


    They are very different boots for very different purposes. I have AE Daltons in walnut and Red Wing Iron Rangers (to fill the rugged category). I wear them both a lot in the fall/winter. I really enjoy boots. The Daltons are definitely more eye-catching, which is good or bad depending on your opinions.

    "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano



      Get 'em both.

      Seriously though, I have the AE Bayfields, and I've been eyeing the Wolverines, just because I think the Wolverines would work better with jeans. The Bayfields (similar to the Daltons) work with jeans, but they're formal enough that I occasionally wear them with a navy suit.



        As stated above, they are totally different. I have the AE Dalton in Chocolate and I've worn it with everything from Jeans to a Suit. It's a very versatile boot and it's very well made. The wolverine is a casual boot and I would only wear it with Jeans, Cords or rugged Chinos. I have no experience with the Wolverine, so I can't comment on the quality of it. If I was only getting one of those two, I would choose the Dalton because it's more versatile.



          Maybe it's just me, but the idea of boots with leather soles is just kind of silly. If you're going to buy something more rugged, you should really get a dainite or commando sole on them.



            @zerostyle you presuppose that boots are necessarily rugged. Think of the daltons as high-top dress shoes.



              Get the Daltons; like Juan said, I've worn them with jeans, trousers, suits, and everything else and they look great with everything.



                @lionel: I can understand that, but then I don't get why people wouldn't just buy the regular shoe version? There's really not much of a difference and the shoes seem more versatile.



                  @zerostyle - In my case, I opted for the Dalton boots over a pair of regular AE oxfords because I like to have a fairly small break on my pants, but didn't want to look like I was flooding. With boots, the pants drape nicely over the top.




                    This is something I've been struggling with in regards to dress boots as well. I mean, I love the look of Daltons, but I just don't really understand what niche they would fill (i.e. not sure I could justify buying them unless I already had tons of shoes)



                      this whole boots thing is generally confounding me. i want a pair of boots, bad, i just cant figure out what to get. main usage would be jeans/chinos in the fall. would i wear a dress boot with a suit? probably not - i have a couple pairs of dress shoes I think I would grab instead. But i like a dress-ier looking boot, without it being a dress boot. Make sense? Like something nice to wear on friday night in the city.

                      The wolverine seems like the lead candidate - i love its look. Dalton looks a little too fussy for me to wear with jeans. I dunno!!!! Then I want something truly rugged like the LL bean katahdin or some moc styled boot like the Frye Walter





                        Wow that's the first moc boot that I've liked, nice job! As much as I want the daltons, I have a pair of wingtip boots (although way lower tier - the sebago hamiltons) so I'm hoping to get a pair of the Wolverines myself. I don't wear suits enough to justify the dress-boot Daltons simply on those grounds and I'd like a pair of plain-toe boots that'll last me forever and can be worn anywhere and at any time(Wolverines). I know wingtips are more casual but I'm in my early 20s and in grad school, so everything already looks 'dressed up.'

                        I'll hopefully eventually have both though



                          Zerostyle - I never used to think about wearing boots, but now I'm a convert. I almost never put on shoes any more.

                          Since they haven't been mentioned, Red Wing Beckmans are great boots:


                          I bought the 9016s to get ready for this winter. For me, they made more sense than the Wolverines as a more rugged boot. The Red Wings have a great subtle look from the top, a nice brown color, but have a bit of rubber on the bottom for traction in the snow and slush. I've stomped through some pretty deep puddles already in them and come out with dry feet. For now, I wear them when I commute to work on the motorcycle, but I plan to wear them all through the winter.

                          I've got Alden 405s for the nicer days, these were the boots that converted me. I will probably consider adding something like the Daltons in the next year or two...

                          Hard to resist...



                            Hmm... the no-break / boot combo is interesting, but I think I'd mostly wear boots with jeans where it's less of an issue.



                              for those of you who wear jeans w/ your dalton's, what kind of shirt do you usually pair it up with when wearing it casually?