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Recommend me a brown sport coat / blazer

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    Recommend me a brown sport coat / blazer

    Hi all,

    With fall coming, I'm looking for another versatile blazer. I'd like to find something brown in color, with either a really nice texture or subtle check pattern. Price < $300.

    Blazers I currently own:

    - A navy BB Fitzgerald blazer (Link)

    - A jcrew herringbone blazer in ludlow fit (Link) -though I regret this one because of the slim lapels. At least I'm pretty thin so it's less noticable.

    - A cheap grey linen H&M blazer

    - A cheap uniqlo cotton blazer in khaki (Link)

    What might be a good option? I'll try to pull up some pictures for examples.


    I'm thinking a very subtle light blue or red check probably. Possibly even just a tonal pattern.

    Here are a few I like:

    Nice, but slightly lighter shade than what I'd want.

    Not bad

    Uploaded with" />

    This one is more herringbone/tweed looking. Probably too close to my JCREW one.

    Really like the check pattern here, but the jacket overall might be a touch too busy:



      I like the first one you posted (that you said is a little light) for summer wear. And the tweed/herringbone (that you said is close to your J. Crew one) for fall/winter. I just haven't looked for one myself, so I don't have any leads for you on that front.



        @Nicholas: Ya, now I really wish I would have bought the herringbone style jacket in brown instead of charcoal. Seems a bit redundant to get both...