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    Skin Care

    What is your skin care routine throughout the day? What products and techniques do you use from the shower, to the office, to the beach, to bedtime?

    I use this as soon as I wake up to cleanse:

    If I remember, this sunscreen before I head out on sunny days:

    This to cleanse at night: bn

    And this scrub 3 nights a week: bn

    I'm in the mood to switch it up.


    My skincare "regimen" is fairly simple. I wash with plain lukewarm water, since most cleansers just leave my face dried-out and red. I use a Vaseline lotion with aloe and SPF 15 on my face. I used to use a special Neutrogena SPF 15 face moisturizer, but the Vaseline is cheaper, comes in a giant green tube, and seems to work just as well. If I'm actually going to be spending a lot of time outside, I will typically apply an SPF 35 sport sunscreen.

    Once a week or so, I use a washcloth or a large pinch of salt or sugar to exfoliate in the shower.

    Acne has always been an issue for me, but I find that most soaps and cleansers dry out my skin, which exacerbates the problem. The minimalist approach seems to work better.




      A while ago I saw a site recommended on Effortless Gent called The Motley and I decided to order some hair care products from them. In the package they included some samples for some skin care products by Baxter of California which I tried out and ended up really liking. I ended up ordering them and now do their recommended essential routine which is using a facial scrub (3-4 times a week), shaving, then using a face wash and then using some moisturizer. I've definitely noticed an improvement in my skin since I started doing this.



        I was going to ask about Baxter of California. Just stumbled upon their site from the American List and saw they were Made in the USA skin care. I'll keep them in mind.



          My current routine:

          Wash face in shower using Jack Black Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser -

          Shave in shower using Nancy Boy Signature Shave Cream and Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Razor -

          Apply Brave Soldier Code Blue after shave -

          Apply Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer -

          I've tried a lot of products and shaving techniques (including shaving with a DE razor) and I find tha this routine works best for me. I highly recommend any of the products from Nancy Boy and Jack Black and I often switch my products between those two brands, except for the shaving cream. The Nancy Boy shaving cream is top notch and for me, it's the best that I've used (I've tried Proraso, The Art of Shaving, Taylor of Old Bond Street, Truefitt & Hill, Barc, Anthony, Jack Black and probably others than I can't think of right now). Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort is also a favorite but it's so much more expensive than the Nancy Boy that I always go with the Nancy Boy one.



            @ Juan - How do you get the nancyboy products. Free shipping kicks in only after $75. I wanted to try out a couple of products (lipbalm in particular) and was wondering how you got your products.



              I dated a girl for a while who was a Clinique counter manager. She got me started on the 3-step from Clinique along with some additional moisturizers from them.

              She recommended using the women's 3 step. Apparently, its the same exact stuff as the men but a little cheaper once you factor in you get 2x a much product for a few dollars more.


              For shaving I use three products.

              1. Clinique face scrub (

              2. The cream shave gel


              3. The Post shave healer


              While Clinique is certainly not the most manly or trendy brand out there, I've had great results. About 1 month after using all the products, I started getting multiple comments from female friends, co-workers, my sisters etc about how good my skin looked.

              I have an olive skin tone and I am prone to darkness around my eyes and cheeks, and Clinique has improved both area substantially. In addition, I run a lot (about 100-110 miles a week) and as a result my skin in prone to dryness. I have tried multiple moisturizers and the Clinique brand is the only one that takes care of this problem.



                @red devil - I order through their website. If you are in San Francisco, then you can stop by their store but otherwise, you have to order online. They have travel sizes in a lot of their products, which makes it easier to sample. They also have the Club, which is free to join, and that gets you 15% off.



                  I use this one every morning and some nights:


                  Usually 1-2 times a month I go with this:


                  I get them at our local Dollar General store, both are about $3.00 a bottle.

                  Great stuff, my mother-in-law turned me on to it.

                  I have tried other brands, 3 step cleansing products, etc, this is the best for me.

                  Usually I keep a close beard, and these really help to keep my skin clean and fresh underneath as well as soften my facial hair for trims and neck shaving.


                    I have really complcated skin so I opt for a more delicate and organic formulation like Dr. Hauschka which I buy here:

                    They have a skincare kit already packed so I just follow it and that's that. It has worked for me so far
                    Don't be afraid of dressing up...please.


                      My routine (if you can believe it) is more complex and time consuming than that of my GF! So here goes.

                      1. In the shower, or at the sink before bed, I use Bulldog facial wash. I've tried many others but for the price Bulldog works best for me.

                      2. Outta the shower I use Aveno lotion on my arms, legs, and chest. No sense looking like a dried up old prune.

                      3. Shave with Taylor of Old Bond Street Eton College shaving cream.

                      4. Apply Every Man Jack moisturizer cream to my face

                      5. Throw on some cologne (which I'm still trying to decide on), some Imperial Barber in the hair, some deodorant and I'm pretty much good to go.

                      Twice a week I'll also exfoliate using Every Man Jack body exfoliant and Every Man Jack facial scrub.


                        I'm a huge fan of facial products. Their lineup pretty much changed my life. Their cleanser, BP, and lotion are amazing as well as the AHA for any blemish marks. For a daily moisturizer I use Bulldog moisturizer.


                          For showers, I use Loccitane Cade Shower Gel for Body & Hair for men and I use Clinique moisturizer.


                            Originally posted by Kraken View Post
                            For showers, I use Loccitane Cade Shower Gel for Body & Hair for men and I use Clinique moisturizer.
                            Oh yeah, Clinique actually produces really good skincare products for men. Recently a friend recommended that I try their facial wash and exfoliating tonic and I got around trying the facial wash. It's really good. Activeskin has a good stock of Clinique products so I recommend getting it there next time.
                            Don't be afraid of dressing up...please.


                              Can anyone recommend a daily face moisturizer with at least 30SPF. I paid quite a bit for a small bottle of Cerave and it goes on like Elmers glue and smells like I am going to the beach. I am looking for something that doesn't do that. I havent tried the Neutrogena yet, but that looks to be an affordable option, if it doesnt stink and is thinner like a typical lotion.