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The Elusive, Versatile, Budget Trench Coat

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    The Elusive, Versatile, Budget Trench Coat

    Looking for the most versatile trench coat I can buy for under $100.

    here are a couple of options

    Gap - bought at $82. returned. too nylon-y. very thin. Good fit.

    American Eagle - bought at $70. returned. I really liked it. but the cut of the shoulders was off. I felt like I could rip it out. the pit-to-pit measurement was what I typically would wear and there was room in the rest of the coat, but the shoulders are kinda important.

    Jcrew Factory Holborn - not yet tried. opinions/review? it is a very light stone color. I'm not sure I like or dislike it.

    When I say under $100 - I'm willing to wait for sales (assume 20-40% off) and watch ebay like a hawk.


    Great timing, I've started looking for trenches this week. Also interested in the Holborn, but willing to wait for the next 30% sale. I have the gap one in blue, but did not like the material.

    Well north of your $100 cap, but I tried the BR one in store. Fit perfect, material felt great. Almost walked out with it.

    There's a 30 or 40% off in-store, I believe.



      Well I'm glad to have you in the trenches with me! I'm glad you mentioned the gap blue one, when I saw that it was 100% poly I was hesitant. I'm definitely considering the Holborn at the next 30% sale. Downside is that it's online exclusive.

      I've been eyeballing that BR trench a lot. Great to hear that the material and fit is spot-on. If I can't manage to find a good trench, I'll try to pick that BR one on clearance for hopefully around $110.

      I'm hoping someone on the threads can give me a review of the factory holborn



        I'm definitely looking for a khaki or camel colored coat. Complements dark denim very well.

        Have you looked at H&M and Uniqlo? If you're lucky enough to have either in your city (only H&M for me), their online catalog looks very promising. I'm going to SF in a month, so will have to check out Uniqlo in person. Not a trench, but this one looks very light and versatile:



          Have the uniqlo single breasted trench (really a rain mac with a belt) and it is great. Fit perfectly. Can wear easily by itself, but also can fit a suit jacket underneath (although my suits with a bit more shoulder padding fit awkwardly). I have the medium and am 5'9" and 175-180 lbs, 40R and 34 waist for reference.



            I'm pretty split on the double breasted/single breasted style. I really like the uniqlo trench and mac (although I don't think the mac comes with a belt which is a deal-breaker). Also they are beyond my price range (and area code). H&M - I don't see any trenches currently for sale, what would the quality be like? I don't have that much from H&M (and do their sizes run small?)



              @hasenkopfe, last year's model definitely has the belt, and I was in the store a few weeks ago and thought I saw belts on them still, but I may have been mistaken. If you can wait some time and have a friend in NYC, may be worth holding out if you like it, I saw them on sale for $80 awhile back (got mine at $120 last August, wish I had held out for the sale).



                The Factory Holborn and Uniqlo Mac seem pretty equal. I'm scouring ebay for a banana republic, jcrew, or H&M trench.

                keep the suggestions coming!



                  Just received the AE trench in the mail and am returning it. Mainly, I don't like the material. It's a thick cotton, but it feels more like a brushed chino material (think Bonobos Gameday chinos) without the water-repellant feel of a trench. I ordered the navy and really, it's faded black or charcoal.



                    Tarmac hit the nail on the head about the AE trench. Still good for around a $100, you just need to know what you're getting.

                    Has anyone had any experience with ASOS trenches?




                      I have a cropped trench from ASOS and its decent. Most of their stuff is half synthetic.

                      @tarmac and @hasenkopfe. The AE trench sounds exactly what I am looking for, a thick cotten overcoat to for days in the 30's. I actually don't want it to have any nylon as I don't want the slight sheen the BR trench has.

                      Quick questions. I am a 38 chest, 29 waist, which puts me at a small for AE. However, with some trenchs in the past I have had to size down. Is the AE true to size?



                        Does the Banana Republic trench fall outside your budget, I got one last year for $128, it is fantastic.



                          @somaticmarker1 I am a 38 as well and like I said, it was tight across the shoulders (I ordered a small). Best bet would be to try-on in store of course. I'd say try the small, it was a great fit everywhere except the shoulders.

                          @savoyspecial If I can get a good quality BR trench for around $125 I'd bite.

                          I'm not a fan of the overly-cropped trench. I like the fingertip length trench like a couple inches above the knee.



                            I went to Uniqlo at lunch to try the double-breasted trench. It fit me pretty well, especially since I was wearing a suit underneath. Also, it has removable lining, which is a must for me. Unfortunately, it is 100% polyester. They were on sale this weekend for $99, but they didn't have my size at the SoHo store yesterday. If I can get 30-40% off of the BR trench within the next month or so, I'll probably buy that one. Otherwise, Uniqlo is my #2 choice.



                              somaticmarker1, the AE trench is chino material with absolutely no lining. Call me a wimp, but since it is essentially chino material, it wouldn't keep you warm down to 30 degrees unless you've got a sweater and/or blazer underneath as well.

                              @I'm a 37 inch chest (appr) and there was adequate room, but I wouldn't want to size down personally. That way there's a bit of breathing room for layers. I think you could go for the small if you like a nice fitted look.

                              The fit was okay, but what turned me off was the casual look to the material in what I think should be a business-usable garment. Obviously, it's AE, but I took the chance since I snagged it at $70. I have a nicer single-breasted black BR trench (no belt) that I like.

                              I think I'll hold off until I find a nice khaki one with a belt... that fits, too.