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Odin At Target: What I Picked Up and Some Observations

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    Interesting, not that I need another weekend bag but $39 is not too bad.

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      That duffel bag was a pain to find in the Bay but it is pretty sweet, especially at that price. I picked up the henley in size S as well, which was my favorite piece by far from what I tried on. I don't really like the white soles on shoes that aren't sneakers, but these chukkas do look better than other similarly styled ones.

      As far as other stuff in the collection, I'm 5'7" and weigh 140, and almost everything fit me pretty well, but I didn't like the look of much of it other than the henley. The chinos fit well and are comfortable, but as someone said above, the material is pretty thin. I also felt like they were shorter than I was expecting, but it's nothing that sizing up and hemming can't fix. The four button jacket was way too tight, but I didn't have $110 (including California sales tax) to spend on 1 item anyway. The parka might be the one item that someone would end up using for the longest amount of time from this collection, but $76 is a lot of money for that, and I maxed out most of my gift cards on the henley and duffel.

      @itsm3json did they actually hold the items for you? My local Targets refuse to do that.



        My store is another with a very limited selection. I liked the parka, but thought it looked a little bit too distressed (white chalky lines). Wish my store had the moleskin jacket and the shawl collar sweater to try on.



          Nothing getting picked up from the limited selection at my Target. I'm taken by this thing for some reason, anyone have thoughts?



            @JEH It seems more like a jacket than a shirt