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Odin At Target: What I Picked Up and Some Observations

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    @ AnonymousJay - Johnston & Murphy Brennan wingtips.




      Wow, tough crowd I guess. For the price and style, my first impression is that Odin is a success. I didn't expect much because Webster was a bit of a flop imo, but the fit and construction of Odin seemed much better.


      --Navy jacket. Don't know much about jacket quality, but it feels good to me. Have been looking for a jacket like this for fall/winter. I'd be interested to know what my other options were at that price before I made a decision.

      --Chinos. I actually prefer thinner fabrics for pants. The details like the lining and button fly were fantastic. Thinking about buying these at full price.

      --Fall fun shirt. Never seen this. Well done.

      Not favs:

      --The shawl collar jacket. Like the inventive spirit here but to me is just another failure to make the shawl collar jacket casual.

      --Obviously marketing ploy $17 candle.



        @BenR, you must've been lucky because online it says item not sold in stores



          @nftmlk I don't know that jacket was in the target I visited as well. Only two items I didn't see were the blazer and the duffle.

          Dress for style, live for results.



            I'm planning to go to target today and possibly pick up

            the flecked sweater & duffel bag since they just stocked them.



              @itsm3json: Did you call your Target and see if they'd restocked those items today?



                @bere- I checked online via the locator then followed up with a call. Then asked if they could hold for me.

                - ill post pics of the Duffel when I get back



                  @itsm3json please do. i'm interested in seeing how the duffle looks.



                    Went earlier this week. Nothing fits me but the XL was pretty close in everything.

                    Style-wise, some things looked better in person (the shirts) and others didn't (all the chinos). I really liked the fair isle style shawl collar sweater, the fit was just a bit off and I thought the material was really weak. No bounce back at all when stretched. Kind of a bummer.

                    But, to be fair, at these prices, overall I thought the quality to price ratio was about right on. the cropped jacket was great, just too small.

                    Overall, I thought the selection was pretty successful if it had fit me. I thought the overall design aesthetic needed some variance in color and style but one could argue semantics about this being an attempt to offer a cohesive, unified collection in line with the store's brand.

                    Wow, that last paragraph was pretty fashion-nerd obnoxious. Please forgive me.

                    "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                      Here are the pics of the duffel if anyone else is


                      When I first saw it I thought it was really small,

                      but once I unclipped the sides the bag is a pretty

                      decent size. I picked it up was to use it as my

                      carry on for my upcoming trip to Seattle & I think

                      this will work.

                      Overall I'm pretty happy with it. The canvas material

                      is not is not stiff, I would say similar to the the

                      canvas on jack purcells.



                        That bag looks really nice. The interior looks better than I'd anticipated. Is the color actually black, as advertised, or is it more of a charcoal/navy?




                          benr - yes, black



                            How much is the bag? The price isn't listed on the target site...

                            "Waste no time arguing what a good man should be. Be one." – Marcus Aurelius



                              Wow you and your camera make the bag look really nice. It made me immediately drive to the closest Target that had it in stock - but I was thoroughly unimpressed. Just looks like a regular canvas bag, nothing special, so I just left it.



                                @sig - $39.99

                                @dapCpa - thx for the compliment & sorry you wasted a drive

                                The canvas is thin compared to some other canvas bags that I have.