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Odin At Target: What I Picked Up and Some Observations

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    my local target had most of the items in stock (no boots though). i walked out with a waffle henley and the flecked shawl sweater. i wasnt impressed with the black peacoat looking thing. the pants were nice but too slim of a fit for me (im a bigger guy).

    i really liked the crop jacked, and i walked around the store with it in my cart but ultimately decided its just not my style, and living in a warmer climate i dont get much mileage out of jackets so i couldnt justify dropping $80 on something ill wear only a handful of times a year.



      I stopped at one of our local stores tonight to return something and didn't remember this rolled out today until I walked by. They were missing a lot of the items I was looking forward to (like the fair isle stuff), but I did try on the shawl collar sweater. The fit was ok, but my main problem was getting the collar to look right. I might pick this up if there are any left at clearance time. I didn't try the chinos because the material felt perilously thin. Maybe some other time. I picked up the chukkas and liked the look but I want to hear some field reports on quality first.

      Slightly off topic: with all this new stuf coming in, there was a TON of clearance. Lots to rummage through. I'm really excited for the new stuff rolling in this fall - I picked up a couple pairs of the five pocket cords/twills tonight - and am beginning to wonder if Joe's hint at a new "one store, one outfit" is going to be Target Part Deaux.



        Sizes were wiped out in the Colma, CA store. There were only L/XL left for most things.

        I picked up the 4-button jacket with the shawl collar. I'm not thrilled with the color (black), but I want to try it.

        The chinos were mint, like BenR said. They were short, though! 32" inseam was the longest? I tried on the gray, and they were super short. I tried on the blue, and despite being 32" as well, they were much longer than the gray. I look forward to wearing those.

        While there, I grabbed two cotton v-necks. One in navy and one in a dark purple/eggplant for $18 each. I was frustrated today...I needed some retail therapy!



          I was able to pick up the boots in size 9, henley in small and the Flecked Shawl Sweater in small at the Colma store. Honestly the quality pretty much compares to zara IMO(at least for the sweaters). I love the henley though, fits just right.



            You beat me there! There was only 1 of those sweaters left by the time I got there in the afternoon.



              Ive been a big fan of some of the Target stuff lately but wasn't thrilled with the quality of the new Odin line.

              I went to buy the field sweater but thought it might not make it through the whole season. I'll be going to Eddie Bauer for theirs ($20 more but will last for years)

              My target in Tulsa had a couple of everything in all sizes. No duffle though



                Was very disappointed by the fact that they did not make a xxl in anything. I'm glad I looked online before I drove all the way to Target. Going to go see in person tomorrow.

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                  folks, i went to my target yesterday and they had all of the Odin apparel, including the black duffel. i'm not sure why there's so much hoopla over the duffel - I didn't see anything special about it. it was over-priced and rather small. it appeared like something i would have expected to see in a thrift store. the toe shape of the chukka's were a little too wide for my taste. i tried on the navy chinos and liked the fit, but the material felt thin and somewhat cheap (not worth the $34.99 price IMO). i ended up buying a pair of merona flat-front tailored fit khakis (on sale for $24) instead; not as tapered in the leg, but certainly better material than the Odin chinos. just my two cents...



                    I went Sunday and tried some stuff on. Wasn't too impressed with much. Lots of dark dull pieces in my opinion. The quality seemed decent but wasnt something I was obsessed with and had to have. If it goes on clearance Ill consider a few pieces but I won't be picking anything up at full price. The chukkas were alright but I did not like the soles.

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                      I checked out my local Target and they had a couple of large sweaters and some flannel shirts. Nothing special, really. Anybody know when Target replenishes their stock?



                        I went to a 2nd Target today and saw some of the items.

                        I was looking for the boots just to see what the quality was like but I couldn't find them. Are they in the shoe department or with the rest of the stuff in the Men's Department?

                        I did see the chinos but I wasn't impressed with the material (seemed thin). None of the tops really impressed me either; they all seemed kinda cheapish. The henleys were nowhere to be found and the Fair Isle sweater was only in Large.

                        The hooded jacket that BenR looks nice but I didn't see that either.

                        I wonder if the product line sold out in my area or was it just not available? The entire Odin section was one single display unit about 6'x6'x4' (LxWxH). By contrast, when Target had the Webster line it took up several (about 8) display units.

                        However, they did have some nice(-looking) Tailored-Fit pants. My experience with Target's tailored fit pants has been pretty negative so I didn't even bother to try them on but I remember them having them in a brown subtle herringbone pattern, navy blue with a white 'dotted' pinstripe (not sure what the official name of that style is), and various color chinos (a deep wine, forest green and a few blues).



                          I stopped by Target again today while doing errands, and found the cropped jacket in my size. Schwing! First clothing purchase I've made in quite a while. Fit is perfect, quality seems on par with something from GAP. Not an heirloom piece by any stretch but definitely a keeper.




                            BenR - The shawl collar 4-button one in black?



                              Nope... this one.




                                Just checked online and apparently the Chukkas are out of stock at all 20 or so Targets within 66.89 miles of my zip code.

                                BenR, what shoes are you wearing?