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Odin At Target: What I Picked Up and Some Observations

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    Odin At Target: What I Picked Up and Some Observations

    Long-time lurker, first-time poster. This is a great website and a great forum, so I wanted to share my thoughts on the Odin Shop at Target - which I have been excited about since I first heard of the collaboration.

    Store Observations: I got to my local Target (City Line Ave., Philly) at around 8:15 am. Not really crowded, but it seemed like pretty limited stock. That said, they had pretty much everything (no duffle though), but only one or two items in each size.

    Here's what I picked up:

    Fair Isle Sweater:

    Probably my favorite item. Not many in stock. A nice taupe-grey color. However, I had to size down to get the right fit (I'm 6'1, 186 pounds, size 42L suit - and I thought the Medium looked best here). I probably wouldn't wear a button down underneath this.

    Waffle Henley:

    Very nice. Lots in stock. Size L. Fits great.

    Flecked Shawl Sweater:

    Nice way to pick up on this trend. Not many in stock. Size L fit nicely (a little roomier, but would definitely wear a button-down underneath here).

    Black Flannel Shirt:

    Probably going to return this. Lots in stock. Looked ok in store, but picks up lots of lint and looks kind of cheaper than the rest of the stuff. The grey accent strip under the buttons looks kind of odd when you see it from the side.

    Grey Chukkas:

    Very few in stock. I'm either a 12 or a 13 and I took a 12. They're just ok. The price was right, and I knew I wouldn't find them again given the very limited stock, so I bought them - but not sure.

    Other observations: They didn't have the pants in waist sizes larger than 34 and inseams longer than 32. I'm about a 35 waist, but always a 34 length - so I didn't even try them.

    Good luck - and I'd be interested in hearing anybody else's observations about this stuff.


    Thanks for posting! I was planning on heading to a Target today as well.

    About sizing.. Did it fit pretty true to size for you or did you have to size down?

    Dress for style, live for results.



      Other than the fair isle sweater (noted above), everything was generally true to size. I would say things seem to run a little large, so I would try things on in the store before you buy them.



        I'm interested in that cropped jacket, but living in Canada can't try it on. Has anyone seen it in person and could comment on fit or quality?



          Big fan of that flecked sweater - will have to try it on next time I'm at target



            I stopped by a couple Targets this morning (one close to me and one next to the Costco I had to visit anyway). I took a few pics, though not a ton.

            Hooded jacket (S) and grey chinos (31x32)

            Henley (S) and navy chinos (31x30)

            Fair Isle sweater (S)

            It all felt pretty true to size and well-fitted, to me. The chinos were my favorite find. They say "straight fit" but they are very tapered, similar to the J.Crew Urban Slim Fit, but a little more fitted through the seat and thigh than the USF. Almost picked up a pair. The material is on the thin side.

            Neither of the Targets I visited had a particularly large selection. Both were missing the duffel bag, and neither had sizes fully stocked for most items, which I found a little strange.

            My general observations are that the quality is mediocre but probably workable considering the price. I didn't end up buying anything, as I really wanted the green cropped jacket, but neither store had it in my size.





              Tough choice.

              I'm trying to wait until this stuff gets heavily discounted ( 50-75%+ off [as will inevitably happen]) but I don't want them to sell out first. Plus there's this No-Spend Challenge thing.

              Interestingly enough, I was in Target today and don't recall seeing any of the Odin stuff. I wasn't particularly looking for it but I figure I would have noticed. Is this a national roll-out or only at select stores?

              Also, BenR is 15 years old.



                Give or take 11 years.




                  Those chinos look dope af. Might try to cop them at some point. Will probably try them on this week. Not really feeling the fair isle sweater, though.

                  OT: BenR, what kind of glasses are those?



                    The glasses are Eyetem by Frame Holland/Preciosa. There may or may not be slightly more info about them on the main Dappered site in a few days....

                    I've edited my apparently distractingly youthful face out of the pics.




                      I thought that was Harry potter.



                        Blah my Target had a tiny section. 2-3 sweaters and 4-5 Chinos. I really wanted to try the boots on but they had none.



                          5 Faves from BenR? Woo woo! Looking forward to that!

                          Alright, I'm leaving for Target now! The chinos look like a must.



                            To those with the boots in their stores, what colors are they available in? I only see gray online, but distinctly remember charcoal in the preview press releases. Wondering if there is a brown option as well?



                              I like the duffle bag and shawl cardigan that Odin has