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    Hey I wanted to put up a what i wore today post. Its nothing spectacular, but let me know what you guys think.

    Top: Express (a slight bit longer than id like but it works for me)

    Shirt: H&M

    Tie: civini (thrifted, never heard of the name)

    Pants: Banana

    Belt: Suede no name brand (thrifted)

    Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo (thrifted)

    Watch: Fossil (gift from wife 2 yrs ago)

    "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


    NICE. Especially the pants. I want.

    Should this be the OFFICIAL Dappered Threads WHAT I WORE TODAY thread?

    Maybe somehow sticky-ed to the top of the page?

    Today was extremely casual for me.

    Top: Lands End Canvas Heritage Poplin shirt (I believe that's the name of it, from last season so not on the site anymore).

    Bottom: Dockers Waders in Tobacco.

    Shoes: Brown leather desert boots from

    Wrist: single wooden bead bracelet.



      I really like the idea of this thread. As a newbie to a lot of this, reading about what everyone is wearing will definitely give me some inspiration. Plus, if I can get a visual...all the better.

      For me, I am getting ready to go back into the classroom. Had a meeting today with some parents and went casual/professional.

      Top: H&M White Slim Fit Shirt

      Bottom: Banana Republic Gavin Chinos (Moose Brown)

      Shoes: Clarks DB (Sand Suede)

      Tie: Club Room Knit Tie (Blue and White Horizontal Stripes)

      Tie Bar: Geoffrey Beene

      Belt: Bass (Brown)

      Watch: Timex Weekender Slip-Thru (Orange and Gray strap)

      I'll see if I can do a pic next time...



        Good thread Max.

        Just a normal day at the office for me. Business casual today.

        Top: Black Mossimo Polo from Target

        Bottom: Light blue Rugby Vintage University Chinos

        Belt: Austin Jeffers brown leather double O ring.

        Shoes: Keith Highlander brown tassle loafers.

        Also, If anyone has any info on Keith Highlanders shoes let me know. I know they're made in the USA and I thrifted these. They're really nice tassle loafers, but I can hardly find any info on them.



          Generally these are called Outfit of the Day, or OOTD, but we can stick with your title.

          I wore:

          Top: White Express 1MX

          Bottom: Extra Dark Indigo Levi's Capital E's Straight Fit

          Belt: Calvin Klein Black Leather w/ silver buckle

          Shoes: Clarks DB in dark Brown Suede

          Jacket: J. Crew Shawl Collar Navy Deck Jacket

          Watch: Seiko Stainless Steel

          P.S. Mossimo t shirts are my favorite fit for undershirts and casual/home clothes. Very comfy.



            Yesterday for me was...

            Top: LEC poplin, button-down collar, gray

            Bottom: LEC SF dark blue jeans

            Belt: J. Crew diagonal red/white striped double o-ring, whales on it

            Feet: Canvas Sperrys in khaki

            Bag: BR canvas messenger, brown



              Shirt - Charles Tyrwhitt Slim Fit - Aqua/Navy Gingham

              Pants- J Crew Cotton Twill pants - blue with white micro pinstripe

              Shoes - AE Strand/Walnut

              Belt - generic leather/walnut color



                @Mag, how slim is that LEC poplin? I'm 6'2" 180lbs, would a medium be too baggy on me?

                @Mikehc, same question. How slim is that CT shirt on you? I would probably need their tailored fit option instead of the slim fit.

                Thanks guys.



                  Albert-I'm 6'2", recently realized I'm pushing 215, and the medium is on the tighter side (I gained 15 lbs the past three months; gotta get that off!). I'd bet a medium would do you well. A small would probably be too short. And if it doesn't work, free returns at Sears.



                    @Mag, sorry for the questions, but since you're my height, are the sleeves pushing the too short limit on you?

                    This one of my biggest problems when it comes to button downs.



                      @Albert, I've got on the slim fit - 17/35. Fit me pretty well off the rack, but I've been working on dropping some weight and as of today, could do with a bit of tailoring, or possibly go down to the 16.5. I haven't tried the tailored fit, but judging by the descriptions online, it seems that fits very trim. FYI, 5'11 210 46in chest. Finding things that fit me well are a bit of a challenge and CT is the best I've found in an affordable price range.



                        Not leaving the house too much today but I did go to the gym. Rocked a green Under Armour Tee and blue Tommy Hilfiger Swim Trucks. Needless to say, today is laundry day...



                          @Albert: My arms are around 34/35" in most shirts and these *might* be pushing a bit short, but standing up straight, arms to my sides, they sit right about where I want 'em.



                            Hey Max, great outfit. The pants may be a bit too green, and maybe it's the picture but the tie looks too close in color to the shirt.

                            Otherwise, great picks, especially the cardigan.



                              Hey nick, thanks for the comments. It might be my iPhones camera. The colors your referring to are a little off. The pants have no green on them. The pants were a tannish grey with light blue lines in the plaid. The shirt is a greenish blue thin stripe and the tie is grey and black. Again my camera may have distorted the color.

                              "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"