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    Julio, is that gray slacks with a gray cardigan? Something to break up the monotone color would work better I think.

    And since you are wearing a cardigan, no need for the tie bar - same reason you don't see tie bars on 3-piece suits. That tie isn't going anywhere. SF had a thread about this:


      @Mike: Thanks for making me aware of the tie-bar issue! Does seem rather redundant to sport one with this outfit, now that you point it out.

      @Kenneth: I'm trying to step-up my dress since I'm starting undergraduate business school on the 20th. My aim is to appear professional through both casual and formal wear.


        @Julio: Looks well fitted. I'd probably break up the pants, a little bit too much grey imo.

        Casual and dressing on the cheap. Giving my new loafers a try (stepped on some gum or something didn't wanna get carpet messed up so only one shoe shown)

        Shirt: $3.00 HM

        Chinos: $3.00 JC

        Shoes: $8.00 Bass


          lulz @ one shoe and your explanation.


            @Julio - If your goal is to look B school appropriate, you may want to go with something a little less form fitting. The ultra-form fitted look is very stylish and I personally like it, but I don't think it sends out professional vibes. If you peruse fits like Alan's and JC's from much earlier in this thread, you'll find that their professional fits are looser. Some of that is certainly personal preference, but I think as a whole it holds true that business dress is aimed at a more classical fit. I approve of the stylistic choices in areas other than fit, though.


              No one cares what you wear in b school unless you're required to dress up for a presentation. Even then, generally it's poorly fitting, cheap attire. And that's for graduate b school; I imagine undergrad is even less dressy.

              That being said, I generally agree with Kenneth, other than that I'm personally not a cardigan fan and, for my tastes, the cardigan is too tight.


                Thanks for the tips and advice, guys! I sincerely appreciate it as I try to find an appropriate style I'm comfortable with.


                  Ended up being extremely over-dressed this morning for a family decision-making conference at child services (representing the parent).

                  I guess I really need to clean that mirror, too...

                  Shirt: Neiman Marcus trim-fit

                  Jacket: Bonobos navy linen

                  Tie: Thrifted

                  Tie bar: Macy's

                  Trousers: Express Producer wool

                  Belt: J.Crew Factory

                  Shoes (not shown): Black AE Chester (the same mentioned in a Dappered post a few days back)



                    @BenR: very nice as always


                      Julio - spread collar is a good choice for you.

                      BenR - You're a snazzy GAL.


                        @BenR - I can't wait for warmer weather to wear my Express Producer wool trousers (thanks ATL). They're great, aren't they?


                          Waiting for my dad, we're supposed to go tie shopping for his upcoming wedding.

                          Nothing spectacular here, my basic casual weekend look.

                          Light blue OCBD by Gap;

                          Jeans by American Eagle;

                          Watch by Timex with Italian leather brown strap;

                          Socks by Tommy Hilfiger;

                          Belt was bought years ago, I don't know about the brand;

                          Shoes by Attitude (Sears Canada home brand).


                            Jessy, I like everything about that outfit other than the shoes and the facial hair. You would be quite handsome if you trim the sideburns and adopt a nice, clean-shaven look.


                              @Bruschetta I actually really like those chukkas Jessy is wearing haha


                                @bruschetta I look really young without a beard (my short stature and narrow build don't help either). I had to shave it lately, it will look better in a few weeks.

                                Finally didn't go shopping and it was crazy hot outside, I would have been better with lighter pants and a polo.

                                @Pitt_10 Thanks for the support! You could do much worse for $16.