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    This is basically the reason I posted the loosened-tie thread: It's what I'm wearing. Hand's up to show cuff; I like cuff with a sweater.

    Sweater: LEC

    Tie: Thrifted

    Shirt: Express

    Pants: Dockers D1 in a darker khaki

    Shoes: Tan CK bl├╝chers


      hmmmm MagM, your makign me rethink my silk comment in your other post, nice, i really like the fall colors good call. Im all about the cuffs esp. when i wear a sweater, im doing it right now lil post pics in a few...

      "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


        Heres todays wears:

        Cardy: 21Men (gift from wife)

        Shirt: Hilfiger trim fit (although i wouldnt call this trim fit compared to my real trim fit shirts, but it gets the job done, especially when layered, love gigham in all sizes)

        Belt: HM

        Pants: GAP

        Shoes: Bass choclate suede Long wings...

        pics 9-11

        "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


          Nice, I wish it was colder in the south so I could start layering. To me, sweaters are like jackets, so I always show cuff.

          My Measurements: 6' 1" height, 35" sleeves, 41-42" chest/jacket, 35" waist, 34" inseam, 11.5D/EEE shoes, 200 lbs


            Nice look MaxMan, but that cardigan seems to fit awful long on you.


              @Max thanks. I know people like going for ties with a bit more texture esp. when loosened, but I've got a thing for silk ties. I have a few with a bit more texture to them (I think they're wool), will post next time I wear one. Always nice to check if I'm doing all right.


                @PB yea, i feel the same way it is a bit longer, but the wife bought it and i must pay So i make exceptions to my rules sometimes.

                "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                  Hi guys... I've been on Dappered a long time but this is my first post on Dappered Threads.

                  Here's what I'm wearing today:


                  Shirt: Merona (Target)

                  Tie: Merona (Target)

                  Sweater: Banana Republic

                  Sport coat: Banana Republic

                  Trousers: Express

                  Shoes: Aston Grey (DSW)

                  Watch: Seiko 5 on an aftermarket strap



                    Welcome BenR, I do recognize your alias from

                    Nice look!



                      Here's that its getting a little cooler. Can never seem to get a good pic head to toe but it's all good, my shoe game isn't so tight anyway. That'll be the next upgrade...

                      Shirt: J Crew

                      Tie: Tommy Hilfiger

                      Sportscoat: J Crew Corduroy Ludlow

                      Pants: Dockers D1

                      Belt: Bass

                      Shoes: J&M Durst - similar color to belt


                        Casual day today at work.

                        After I saw my picture, I then noticed how long my tie was, had to re-tie it lol.

                        Jacket: Italian Cashmere blazer made by Napoli in U.S.A.

                        Shirt: Slim Fit Express TX8

                        Tie: Ben Sherman Slim Burnt Orange Plaid

                        Pants: Se7ens button fly

                        Shoes: Clarks Beeswax Desert Boots

                        Belt: Tommy Hilfger

                        Picture #7



                          Tat, loving the purple gingham, grey cotton tie, and the AE's--such a tight, clean look. Impressive.


                            looks like the summer is leaving us here in Boston. This morning was very chilly, had to rock the wool sweater.

                            MagM's look yesterday gave me some inspiration today...

                            Sweater: LEC wool blend

                            Shirt: Thom Browne (bought it for 12 bucks off a clearance rack, one of the best finds)

                            Tie: Wife Thrifted it for me, brand unknown, got it in the summer but been dying to wear it when it got cooler out)

                            Chinos: GAP

                            Socks: Tarjay lol

                            wheels: LL bean Ranger boots

                            Fedora: HM (i own like 6 fedoras and wear them alot when it gets warmer, got a sinatra comment this morning from a coworker, lol, personally i think I am more Dean Martin but whatever jk lol)

                            Watch: Timex, amzon 17 bucks, i changed out of the summer NATO and put a NATO more suited for the F/W

                            All in all i think it went well lol...

                            pics 12-16


                            SIDENOTE: @Tat: dude that tie in pic 7 is bananas i am partial to plaids and that there "shes a beaut". @brian, Def feeling how you put those neutrals together. I always say neutrals dont have to be boring and you hit it spot on [email protected], welcome man, and hell of a debut, i love the outfit, the purple is awesome and the cut of the sportcoat and slacks, spot on!!! not so much the shoes but its cool.

                            "The key to Success is the Quality of Execution"


                              @Max, nice look man. Those boots add some excellent depth to the look. How have you liked the rangers?

                              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                                Nice find on the Thom Browne shirt, and damn, your wife can pick a tie.