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    I have a brick wall outside, but nowhere to place the phone. I guess I could have moved my car, but that would have been too much work. Deal with one of the undecorated walls in my kitchen, ok?

    Jacket - Proper Cloth
    Shirt - Kamakura
    Jeans - Brooks Bros. Red Fleece
    Belt - Sid Mashburn
    Suede Chukkas - Lloyd Shoes
    Goofy Grin - All my own


      Stereotypical Dappered Look 9/28/18

      The Jacket - J. Crew Wallace & Barnes English Wool Blazer (used to fit nicely, too much BBQ lately) - No longer made, this jacket is unconstructed and casual (patch pockets). Useful as a jacket in the early fall, it can easily double as a jacket to dinner or a pub.

      The Sweater - J. Crew Merino Wool V-neck - Camel - The perfect color to balance the darker colors of fall, camel can easily triple its use in the spring and winter due to the light nature of the merino sweater.

      The Shirt - Brooks Brothers Black Fleece OCBD - Blue - Those rolls. The Black Fleece collection was a collaboration between Brooks Brothers and Thom Browne. Less slim in the body, but with longer sleeves, they don't fit every guy out there, but perfectly compliments J. Crew Blazers. And those collar rolls...

      The Belt - Custom Bridle Leather - From a gent in NY that does fantastic work. This belt is close to 5 years old and shows almost no aging.

      The Pants - American Eagle Extreme Flex - Indigo - Fancy a run, missed out on your squats for the day. Have no fear, the Extreme Flex pants from American Eagle let you do all of that and more, while still staying dappered as can be.

      The Socks - Darn Tough Dress Socks - I like wool. Darn Tough makes good wool socks. I wear Darn Tough.

      The Shoes - Clarks Desert Boots - Tumbled Brown - The CDB's are a dangerous choice on a rainy day like this, but a classic Dappered staple. Easy to wear with jeans or chinos, everyone should own a pair.

      The Watch - Deep Blue M2K "Smurf" - Mid range watch. The colors on this are teal blue and lifeguard orange, vibrant and a joy to see when I check the time. Blows a Timex Weekender out of the water.

      The Hat - Gamble & Gunn - Burnt Orange Tweed - Orange with camel, blue, and grey balances really nicely imo.

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        Originally posted by Loafer28 View Post

        I didn’t have a brick wall, so I built one with my kid’s blocks [emoji3]
        I legit LOL'd at this wall. Well played.


          Beckett Simonon derbies, Amazon Buttoned Down chinos, thrifted BR shirt, LBM 1911 jacket and a scarf I picked up at our public market.

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            My shot at the Most Dapepered outfit ever:

            Couldn't find a wall where I could prop my camera up, so you get my office.
            Jacket: J Crew Cotton - Works great with dark denim now, but will also look good in the spring with lightweight chinos
            Jeans: BR Dark Rinse or your favorite pair of dark denim.
            Shirt: JCF OCBD
            Socks: JC Navy (match the pants because that makes your legs look longer)
            Belt: Braided leather because with suede, you don't have to be so careful about matching your leathers.
            Watch: Timex/REdwing Waterbury Chrono
            Shoes: Nordstrom 1901 Suede Chukkas Go great with jeans but can also be dressed up with chinos or even a suit!
            Pocket Square: Everyone's favorite JC Green linen tipped with cream.



              While I’ve participated in WWIWT before, here is my first WIWT.

              The Blazer- Old Navy “hey look at this thing on clearance for $12” (SOLD OUT)

              The Shirt- JCF slim OCBD in light blue.

              The Jeans- Banana Republic Slim Traveler Jean in Dark Rinse. The 50% off sale was good to me.

              The Boots- Alden Workboot in 405. Commonly referred to as the Indy. - sorry, no Chelsea’s.

              The Belt- Robert Graham casual brown leather.

              The Socks- Banana Republic stripe

              The Watch- Hamilton Khaki Field Watch 42mm with exhibition case back. Jack Foster chromexcel strap.

              The Grab- what the crap do I do with my hand? Might as well grab this button. (Plus, hey, now you can see my watch.)

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                Originally posted by hornsup84 View Post
                I legit LOL'd at this wall. Well played.
                I laughed at myself as I did it!


                  We’re giving Joe so much content to post lol


                    Even though I was strongly in favor of grey on top, it was gonna be too hot for my grey BR sportcoat, so decided to flip the whole thing and go with grey jeans with my favorite lightweight dark blue sport coat.

                    Also, I've got those without brick covered with brick walkway and brick wall/building.

                    BR Heritage navy cotton/nylon chino sportcoat
                    H&M light blue OCBD
                    Gustin Okayama Shadow grey selvedge jeans
                    J. Crew suede captoe boots (lightly dubbed)
                    BR brown suede belt
                    Orient Esteem open heart watch on homemade blue suede strap
                    14th and Union pocket square in tribute to Oktoberfest
                    Suncloud Motorway sunglasses seen in the first look here in Dappered's how to wear it post from April, showcasing THE look that discussed in THE thread
                    Dangling headphones playing Brick by Ben Folds Five

                    Obligatory top-down selfie.

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                      Okay, I gotta say I'm enjoying all your posts.

                      Here's mine. I was hoping to get my new Ledbury shirt with the "oh so perfect" second button in time for this (on sale at Nordstrom Rack for about $50), but I didn't, so I used my old stand-by Top Stick Men's Grooming Tape to hold that spot between the second and third buttons closed.

                      The rest of the get up is as follows:

                      Shoes: Allen Edmonds Nomad suede chukkas. Stole these at $125 at the last sale. (dark brown)

                      Socks: Nordstrom over the calf wool. (navy)

                      Belt: JFiztpatrick leather. (caramel with silver belt)

                      Trousers: JCrew stretch chinos, slim fit. (navy)

                      Shirt: Paul Fredrick slim fit OBDC. (light blue)

                      Sports coat: Joseph Abboud semi-structured 100% lined, 100% cotton--another steal at Men's Wearhouse for $39.

                      Watch: My old stand-by Citizen Eco Drive titanium chronograph that I've owned close to 15 years.

                      Pocket square: Source unknown. I've had it forever. (royal blue)

                      I'm posting two photos, one with the jacket open so you all can see the belt. Besides, that one was my wife's favorite out the dozen she took:

                      Not that this is a competition, but if it were, my vote would go to [MENTION=15630]Loafer28[/MENTION] for the wall trick. So clever and made me laugh!

                      But you all look great and I love how many of you posted!


                        Originally posted by LesserBlackDog View Post
                        Umm, Joe? Is that you?

                        Originally posted by Loafer28 View Post

                        I didn’t have a brick wall, so I built one with my kid’s blocks [emoji3]

                        Sport coat: Bonobos Italian wool hopsack
                        Shirt: Ledbury Fine Twill with “bent like hockey stick” Wurkin Stiffs collar stays
                        Belt: Gap roller bet
                        Favorite Dark Rinse Denim: Gustin
                        Shoes: AE

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                        Ok, this is freaking AWESOME well played!


                          I'm in Minnesota now so all my suede and OCBDs are packed up (it's 45 out today).

                          Here's my power stance wiwt breakdown:

                          The Blazer - Banana Republic heritage collection

                          The Shirt - Nordstrom slim fit. Couldn't decide between blue or white so embraced both.

                          The Jeans - Levi 513

                          The Boots - AE Dalton in Walnut

                          The Belt - AE classic wide belt in Walnut.

                          The Socks - Smartwool (its 45 out!)

                          The Watch - Orient automatic aviator (er2a004d)

                          The Kid - Harvey, 4
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                            So many great photos here today! We need to do this again sometime.


                              RL blazer
                              BR rapid movement chino
                              CT shirt
                              Invicta auto diver
                              (Not pictured Cole Haan Chelsea’s)

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                                Figured I should take a pic with a more appropriate background.