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    It's just odd to have people saying Target has decent clothes. Any time I've been in the US and gone to one, it's like a mad house Wal Mart but in red.

    Not to bash on people that shop their, places like wal mart have saved families a large amount of money with their prices and prevented many low income families from not getting the basic nescessities of life.

    It's just really different, but I wouldn't be able to tell the difference in these pics vs Wal Marts george brand dress shirts that just look cheap.


      They don't make that much thats decent. But cotton ties are...cotton ties. I think they are mostly hard to screw up.

      Everyone knows I wasn't a fan of the Kensington blazer (which I think is what Acoustic is wearing in this picture).

      Another thing, though, is that if you are put together well you can often make cheaper things look way better than they are. Acoustic is almost always spot on and so I think his outfit is greater than the sum of its parts, if you will.


        Target is pretty hit-or-miss in terms of their clothing. A lot of it is still the same baggy, boring soccer dad stuff they were selling 15 years ago. A lot of it is hyper-trendy or just too young.

        There is a nice middle ground of items that are decently fitted, stylish but not too trendy, reasonably priced, and decent quality. Quality and durability are obviously not going to be up to the same standard as retailers that charge a lot more, but I find that it's at least as good as H&M, Old Navy, and Express, and about the same as a lot of stuff you'll find at mid-range department stores like Macy's. I've bought quite a few things from Target over the years, and none of my stuff has failed or fallen apart. In fact, I still regularly wear a pair of Levi's Signature jeans that I got from Target 3-4 years ago. I end up buying things from Target when it just seems silly to spend a lot of money on them elsewhere - stuff like underwear, undershirts, shorts, workout clothes, casual button-ups, interesting ties, polos, etc.

        Like Jordan says, it's pretty easy to mix and match cheaper Target pieces with the other stuff in your wardrobe to come up with outfits that look a lot more expensive than they actually are.



          @nc - no the sleeves seem to good, I'm more worried about the waist area. If it shrinks i believe it will be tight. besides that I really like the fit of the shirt, its probably my best fitting shirt at the moment.

          - thats great you were able to find that shirt w/ the extra sleeve length

          here is a pic of the shirt:


            Dirty mirror again :-\


              @NC, I forgot to say, love that tie. It works very well with the shirt as well.

              @Acoustic, I can ship you some windex.. I have an extra bottle

              Also, I like that jacket. You've got a lot of boldness going on there. Plaid jacket, argyle socks, double monks, peaked pocket square. Way to own it, man.

              "You don't need money to dress better than you do" - Salvatore Romano


                Acousticfoodie, I agree with greg_s, that jacket is really clean, especially with the yellow in the socks. I was just going to say that the mirror looks like it gets dirtier everyday, but it seems cleaner today than it did yesterday. Just a little banter.


                  Thanks, Greg. It works well with a lot of shirts.

                  Acoustic - If you spent just 30 seconds on that mirror... ;-)

                  Jason - That is the same shirt! Like I was saying, if you wash it in cold water and are careful with the dryer, you should be fine. That does fit you really well, if just a tiny bit too long in the sleeves. The shirt has two buttons on the cuff, so you could tighten that up to keep the sleeves from going over your hand.

                  Mike - lol - if you have the Flight of the Conchords CD, there's a whole portion where they talk about "a bit of banter". =)


                    Next up...

                    Same Express shirt and Indochino tie combo except with the Essential Gray suit coat by Indochino. Like we've talked recently about wearing suit parts separately, this is my favorite instance lately. The gray coat pairs well with a lot of outfits like the dark 514 jeans here. My shirt collar/tie are a bit off-center, but you get the idea. Maybe I should switch back to low quality cell phone pics because that pocket square bulge is killing me! lol


                      Thanks for the kind words guys! Yes one of these days I'll clean the mirror lol.

                      @Nicholas: wow nice perfect quarter inch cuff you got there!

                      Blazer: target

                      Tie: Jcrew

                      Shirt: Gap

                      Jeans: LEC

                      Socks express

                      Shoes: J&M


                        new bow tie came in yesterday. lighting sucks on the picture.

                        Bow Tie - Hickey Freeman (last call sale)

                        Shirt - Burberry (off 5th clearance)

                        Jacket - Theory (off 5th)

                        Pocket Square - LEC

                        Pants - Bonobos (light gray, not shown)

                        My cocktail videos >


                          @foodie -- you sure do love the argyle socks. I have a few in my rotation (and they were my first delve into non-plain socks), but have opted for stripes and other patterns lately. Also as a sidenote, at least in my personal opinion, I feel like you rock the tiebar pretty high. I don't wear one very often (rarely at all) as it'd be pretty out of place at my office, but I'd probably move it down an inch or 3. Could just be me though.


                            @horns Yes I could definitely use some more patterns lol. Fell in love with argyle awhile back and bought a bunch at once at target doh! Now I want there seafood sock patterns! Hmm, I never really gave too much thought about my tie bar placement, I'll give the lower placement a try in the future.


                              Acousticfoodie, master of the stool pose.


                                lol thanks thmage.